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  1. but their where news of 2015 innova that's the reason got confused
  2. I have thought of buying a muv, my requirements are: 1 Budget- under 15 lakhs 2 Fuel- Diesel 3 Maintenance- low 4 Transport mode- people moving 5 Pickup- fast 6 mileage- max. My eyes first went to toyota innova then checked its varients got confused by seeing so many varients then thought of suzuki ertiga and Honda mobilio and now iam confused which to buy. help me in selecting one..
  3. Why not considering other hatchbacks like hyundai grand i10, i20, but grand i10 has a 3cylinder engine but i20 has a bigger engine.
  4. check out some compact sedans if long boot is not a very big concern and under your price range you will get a feature loaded vehicle and by the arrival of hyundai xcent , maruti suzuki has also lowered their dzires and ertiga 's prices .
  5. you should consider the no. of people will travel in this car before deciding
  6. if you are a kind of guy who goes to weekand trips with your friends and family then compact sedan is best but if you are more city rider or you don't use boot much then hatchback is best. you can see more details from this:http://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/auto-insight/hatchback-vs-compact-sedan-which-one-to-buy/18189/
  7. toyota has globally recalled 6.4 million cars, and mazda has issued most terrifying car calls globally.
  8. welcome viresh ...... and have a pleasant stay on our forum
  9. pricing is quiet a bit and maintaince and spare parts will cost you a nice amount,, if you can bear all this and other particular as told by other members then go forward
  10. mine is Hyundai Grand i10 asta
  11. nice pics. exterior is nice but interior looks as if i have entered in maruti 800 with some small changes
  12. I live by the holy place haridwar. So lpg is only available here right now. and thanks rameshbabu.n and sstar.