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  1. 'Shaft Driven' to be precise. Most of the BMW models are shaft driven. However, the latest 800GS is chain driven. The company has recently compared this model with their 1300GS.
  2. Any guesses on the introductory prices of these steeds?
  3. I am at Noida. 19 Sep sounds fair for a get together. What are the plans? My phone number is 9818133012, may be required to get in touch.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't we consider lemons as the vehicles which actually were a pain to drive rather than if the same are not selling in good numbers? If we talk about the Estate/Siera or 118NE, it is paramount to see that at that particular time when these vehicles were marketed there was no competition to these due to various factors, the prime factor being 'price'. The costomer had no ather choice but to buy that because of his own constraints. Lemon would be a vehicle which has never delivered as promised and also never according to one's choice and not because it has not sold in drastic numbers. Erratic service backup maybe another cause for us to call a vehicle to be a lemon, but then any vehicle would fail if not serviced periodically. Most of the vehicles which have been listed earlier as lemons have come out newer models to upgrade as technological advancements have taken place. GV from Maruti was built for a purpose which it delivers as promised by the manufacturer and as required by the consumer. If we want the vehicle to be sold at the same price a Maruti 800 just because it is very expensive and the fuel consumption is high, it does not become a lemon. Finally, owning a car and then making a judgement as to the same is a lemon or not would be fair go at the vehicles rather than taking a pick at vehicles just because "my friend's uncle says so!" I have personally owned a 118NE and now I own a Mitsubishi Cedia. The NE did trouble me because of its rusting problem and other fittings inside and outside the cabin, service was always a sore point with Premier's , but the car never ceased to put a smile on the face when driven(I could have bought a Maruti 800 instead considering it as a non-lemon!). If I consider Cedia as lemon then all the Mitsubishi vehicles sold in India are lemon because the service backup of HM is not that strong. Cedia is an expensive buy, but the delivery of the vehicle will never cease to impress. At 40000km on the odo the car feels as good as new and the servicing cost has been cheaper than Honda City(I owned it prior to this one and after the NE. Drove it for 68000km before upgrading) at this point. Any vehicle which gives hassle free ownership is not a lemon, but a vehicle which keeps on troubling you and not performing is. I hope I have not been on the wrong track in giving my point of view. I felt that ownership of a particular vehicle may give a chance tot he owner to decide upon it being CITRUS.
  5. Does the onset of a new plant mean that GV2.4L will be a CKD and subesequently have a cost reduction due to shunning of taxes we pay for the CBU?
  6. @alok. Reliablity issues have been there since the begining. We had a Tata Estate in the family with the similar engine in question. Beleive me, handling and driving that huge vehicle was wonderful. Parking it was easy....because the view all around was stupenduos. I had already bought a Honda City 2004 model by then, but reversing that bigger vehicle was much fun because of the visibility. It had everything factory fitted as any modern car, so as to say, power windows, brakes, steering. Company fitted AC and music system. It had space that one could pack around eleven indivuals(over short distances) on the seats and the boot. Built was solid so it always found the right of the way. Problems were as already brought out in the forum. Overheating always irked me which was more so in the summers when one would switch on the AC.
  7. I guess, it is not loaded with goodies. This photo reveals that even Kawasaki has done away with the kick starter to reduce the bike's weight but seems to have a main stand which has been done away at Triumph. Is it coming to India?
  8. Is there any talk about the price of this diesel sibling? I feel that it would be in the bracket of 8.5 to 9L. Albeit, Indian market is waiting for the diesel model very eagerly. Price difference will be the factor which will dictate that this model does not eat up sales of petrol SX4 and diesel Dzire.
  9. The same is applicable to bikers also, wherein most of our bikes are equiped with drums. Clearing water from the drums and disks does require adequate braking after the escapade. However, other issues to be taken care of are not to stall the engine when crossing a waterlogged place. What happens is, that even if we are in 1/2 gear with enough RPMs it may so happen that a car in front us stalls do to some problem and subsequently effecting our momentum. To negate such a situation, one must stop just short of the water and observe the vehicle ahead us so that we may even know about any potholes underneath the water and the extent of correction to avoid it. Modern vehicles seldom trouble in such conditions as the engines are better sealed. Warning lights may glow after crossing deeper water logged areas, thereason for which is the water entering the sensors. This can be simply be corrected by switching off the engine and restarting it when the ordeal is over. Older vehicles which may stall in such an eventuality, will have to brought out of the water and their electricals wiped clean off for the moisture before cranking the engine. Finally, one must wade carefully keeping in view the comfort and sentiments of fellow road users by saving them from the brunt of splashing water.