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  1. IMHO out of Indica & Indigo the Indigo CS always looked more attractive. From the current Vista & Manza the Manza CS would probably look much better and much more proportionate. If TATA gets this car right, they have a real Winner in the Compact Sedan market. I really think India needs more of compact sedans. rugs_tachy2012-05-16 03:51:35
  2. You can go for 185/60 R14 or 195/55 R14 set of tyres. Please note that as the Tyre width increases & Side profile decreases' date=' the Ride of the car will get Harsher or less comfy but one the other hand, the Steering response will get more Sharper & accurate than before. So on upsizing Choice is yours. On that note, could you please clarify, you may be aware the current body roll itself is too much, what are the after effects once the upsize is done would the body roll increase? On the looks of it, it would better to keep away from upsizing for this car then... your thoughts please? Regarding brand, Apollo & Bridgestone are meant for all type of Road usage but If your usage is restricted to Well-maintained Metalled roads only then go for YOKOHAMA or MICHELINS I stay in Bangalore and the roads out here are almost equivalent of roads in Ladhak... I know that because I had been to Ladhak last year and see almost no difference... we really have bad roads, so ride height is a concern. I had a tough time with my Zen, so sent it over to my dad. Its now in Hyderabad. Yes, why not. They use the same mounting points & basic design. But for Safety & Reliability issues, go for Genuine products only rather than going for Local-in-Market products while saving few bucks. Thank you for this. The current headlamps are really attractive hence wanted to know if I could switch. I will get them fitted from the TATA workshop guys itself. PS: The ones with higher font size is my reply/query. Thank you. rugs_tachy2012-05-16 03:43:52
  3. I am really looking forward to this car. I already liked the styling of the Indigo CS. If all the parameters like exterior, interior designs go well this will be the benchmarks for all sedans. All the best TATA!
  4. Hi All, I have a 2008 Tata Indigo CS Tdi and it has clocked 47,000 Kms and I will be shortly needing to decide a correct tyre. I really do not want to go back to stock tyres. My current tyre profile is Bridgestone 175/65 R 14 (Tube type). Could you please suggest me a correct upsize. I was really looking at Apollo's Accelere range. I have put an Apollo on my Zen and performance vis-a-vis longevity is good, hence will look closely at Apollo. However if you could please suggest me some other manufacturers based on your experience would be useful. I have another query as well. Can I put the current Tata Indigo e-CS headlamps on my 2008 Tata Indigo CS? Cheers!
  5. I somehow did not like the styling of the bike to my taste. But I do like the matt black engine finish with a touch of chrome in between the cooling fins. However what remains to see is that the niggling problems of the 500 that solved. I heard that the Post Sept/Oct 11 models of 500 engine all problems have been sorted out.
  6. What Rapper72 has now obeserved is precisely correct. It is made by Shakti Auto Garage in Jamnagar. I remember when I visited that entire belt, a saw a lot these with the Greaves engine and the gearbox from enfield. I think they are called "Khacchar" or something like that locally.... I can say this for sure that RE will never bring this in the market. However RE is trying to develop a diesel bullet just like the Taurus.