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  1. yeah the the stock tyres are of size 3.00/18 and i currently use them only...
  2. Hey sure dude.... i stay at B'lore.... do send in those details my email is
  3. It was getting close to abt a 110 Km/hr therefore i presumed it to be 108 Km/hr could have gone a lill further...but ran out of road by then.. I weigh about 75 Kgs... and no it was not a downhill... i managed to fo a 100 Km/hr sitting upright and after that took advantage by the air so leaned forward towards the tank and put my head close to the speedo.... to get that aerodynamicism... Well this machine is old i agree... but it is worth it!! Truly Unshakeable One this is!!! Thanks for those inputs.. shall keep in mind... anything else tht can be done Hey how abt keeping keeping an extra air filter outside the box... just like th one's we see wid the Yam's
  4. Hey all.. we all know that the Esteem needs a replacement.... Guess wht the Maruti have plan in store We cld well see a new C segment car based on the Swift Platform!! The car is to priced between 5 - 6 Lacs...shall be rolled out frm the Manesar's Plant. All its OEM's are in place and is due for a launch early next year.. Plans to have both Petrol and Diesel versions I have seen the car (in the european market).... Anyone knows more abt this... and does any1 have its pic???
  5. It deserve the word it has truly a CALIBER!!! Sorry Guyz but between the wars of 150's d 180's d 200's and d 220's I am really a small guy here... but guyz can u come up wid any ideas for mods wid my Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber... I have done a whooping 108 Km/hr solo driving and a 102 with a pillion... Suggesstions Plzz I m Waiting PS( I m not small anywayz Coz i hve the T-bird by my other side)
  6. Welcome there Wing Commander CG!!! Wht else can i Say Whoopa..... Pimp My Ride
  7. and btw the Elantra is phased out now... u still might get 1 coz of stock lying wid a dealer but the Magnum wins here baby!!!
  8. Dude.. I wld say go for the Optra magnum coz it is a diesel and fun to drive too coz of its power and all... Overall cost of ownership is Ok.... Scorpio is good... but the handling still sucks sorry to say tht but it does let every1 down on tht even the new avatar is bad one... the best option is the Corolla....
  9. One more to what FRG said!! The real wheel drives produce good amount of torque compared to the ones of d front wheel drive.... but the acceleration is better on the front wheel drive since their is a minimal transmission loss and therefore better pick ups during start ups.... Happing Motoring!!
  10. As i said partner and will always say all depends on how u drive ur car!!!
  11. Hey there i hve a 100/130 watt (philips bulb) on my zen, changed the wiring and relays.... costed me 1200 bucks for the wiring n relays and 400 bucks for the bulbs.... its amazing!!! put these they r d best ones u will find in d market
  12. Maruti Suzuki Zen Mpfi - 16 Without Aircon in City 14 with Aircon in City 18 without Aircon with speed upto 100 Km/hr 20 without Aircon with speed btw 80-90 Km/hr
  13. FRG is right on all grounds hands down MEAN GURU!!!! I did the same upsizing trick wid my zen!! and i love it....
  14. drive my zen bro and u'll find out wht it means... absolutely on a stock mode and done only 39000 kms... i use it very less in the city and more on highways and yes 39000 Kms only and that too in 6 yrs... and that 0-80 Km/hr is just like thrilling and i still get goose bumps man!! I love this peace of machince..... and yeah i have put 100/130 Watt Bulbs (Philips) and changed the wiring and the relays... costed me 1200 Bucks for the wiring and 400 Bucks for the lighting and now its superb... Night vision is gr8...
  15. hey harry i m also in a look out for a Baleno 2nd hand... right from the 2002-2006 model.... any price tht u know of.... wid odo meter reading between 20K to 40 K u must be knowing some1 at B'lore.... can we meet up... my no is +919972858858.. do gimme ur contact no so tht we can meet up
  16. Hi Rajeev, I m not an expert at this... but hve some basic info on these...An alloy wheel is nothing but a metal (alloy is a metal)... the basic difference wid an alloy and a rim (which i think u hve on a zen) are that since alloy is lighter metal, it brings much more comfort in ur ride and some say it returns higher fuel efficiency.. (but Fuel efficiency i can't comment since it depends on the person's driving habits)... There are a lot of alloy wheels in town.. the basic one (on ur zen's 12 inch wheel) alloy wheel could cost you anywhere between 11000 to 13000 Bucks!! and go upto a Lac
  17. Thanks for the suggesstions harry.. Would FRG comment on this??? After replacing those stock tyres i did a whooping 160 on the NICE highway!!
  18. Hi Rajeev, i personally own a 2001 model and it has done 40,000 Kms... Zen's are low on maintainence and good value for money car... wid good power, gr8 pick up and a good fuel effiiciency... i get an average of 15 Kmpl in city wid 30 % time of A/c and wtihout it it returns abt 16Kms... and in the highways it returns abt 20 Kms with a speed of 80-90 Km/hr... I have also touched a 162 Km/hr on my zen on Pune - Mumbai Expressway... (Incase ur interested in the speed) Quick Acceleration By gears 1St Gear - 40 Km/hr 2nd Gear - 80 Km/hr (after that differential doesn't take it!!! But it Rockets man) 3rd Gear - 120Km/hr 4th gear - 150 Km/hr 5th Gear - Nirvana !! (160 Km/hr) So i think by now u must have got the benefits of having a zen A pure drivers car!!!
  19. A samll correction it is 155/70 R 12 and not 155/700 R12
  20. Hey i have a Zen MPFi 2001 LX... i had the stock tyres of Jk 145/80 R 12.... i recently changed them.. those stock tyres gave a good life of 39,000 Kms... I have upgraded my tyre profile to a tubeless Apollo 155/700 R 12. A few points of notice after i changed into a higher profile: 1) Since i didnt have a Power Steering, the steering felt heavy on those stock set of tyres. With the change brought a significant difference it is now less heavier. 2) The traction is better too because of increase in the sectional width of the higher profile tyres and better cornering ability....(I haven't drifted it yet though)... But the main point is that i have lost out on the ground clearance.... Guyz out there please help me and suggest some suspension mods without affecting the overall dynamics...
  21. Thanks harry for the info.. shal keep u posted on the same.... Cya
  22. Hey FRG thanks for the welcome.... i wld surely like to be there at the speed run... do keep me updated on the venue, date and time... in adavance since i work, i wld take off for these rides...
  23. Hi i am Raghuveer, i stay at bangalore have recently shifted here from Pune., +919972858858 I have a Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber 2001 Model, Maruti Suzuki Zen MPFi 2001 Model and a Royal Enfield T-Bird 2007 Model I recently changed tyres of my zen frm the stock Jk Tyres145/80 R 12 to Apollo Tubeless 155/70 R 12. Since i dont have a power steering the stock tyres were very heavy to handle... Once i converted it to the above after market tyres... it has seriously helped... the steering is much more lighter and responsive. The traction is better due to better grip and higher width... But one downside... the vehicle's Ground Clearance has come down.... Hey guys any idea as to how to increase my ground clearance. I wld also like to meet all the Bangalore Club members physically so any meets plz to update with date, time and venue.. Happy Posting!!!