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  1. Wishing you all a Very Happy & a Prosperous New Year 2010. Ride Safe... Drive Safe! Enjoy the New Year! Raghuveer Tirumala rugs_tachy2009-12-31 18:17:37
  2. Well i think closed parking prevents paint fading... its always better to get a Closed Parking! My zen's color has got faded bcoz it stood all out in the SUNrugs_tachy2009-12-28 21:11:49
  3. Capt.. thanks for of my friend is owning a MM540 4*4 and was looking for a new one... if this makes it.. then will suggest him for this option. Otherwise he was very keen for the Gurkha. But in anycase in my opinion Gurkha will win for its overall reliability anyday.
  4. Look at this beauty... she looks awesome! thanks DD for updating... bad thing for me is that i don't have that amount of money to buy it
  5. @bluescorpwin: Here's my bit on your query In terms of Jacket - DSG is the best bet by far in terms of armour for elbows & shoulders, cost Rs 5250/-. On the other side Cramster is better in terms of build quality but does not have good armour support when compared to DSG. I have a DSG Nero Jacket (Red). In terms of Gloves - Cramster has better gloves and you can try DSG as well. I have a Cramster Twist Gloves (Full Gauntlet), cost Rs 1400/-. Interms of Knee guard - Cramster is value for money and provides good knee support costs Rs 1500 - 1800 /- i don't think DSG has but they market Alpinestars which are way too expensive. I also suggest you to go for a Back support as both DSG & Cramster Jackets do not have good back support. You can go in for Cramster back support which costs around Rs 1500 /- You can also visit these websites: Cramster - DSG - Hope this helps. Best of luck! rugs_tachy2009-10-14 07:57:35
  6. Ok, just want to know when the mechanic changed the plates, did he replace the Pressure Plate???? Incase if he has not, then it might be the pressure plate & the spring (which holds the clutch plates) which is causing the problem.
  7. If the clutch plates are wearing out fast, then their should be some problem with cable, but as you said that you have also replaced that, then it should not cause that problem. I suggest you visit a better mechanic in your town. Selling is not the only way, consider that as a last option. I have ridden by Bajaj Caliber 2001 model for 85,000 Kms without a clutch plate change. Also do u feel any drag sort of a thing when u release the clutch during start off's?
  8. Here is the depreciation table which was first goverened by the tariff prescribed by IRDA who is the regulator of the insurance market. AGE OF THE VEHICLE % OF DEPRECIATION FOR FIXING IDV Not exceeding 6 months 5% Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year 15% Exceeding 1 year but not exceeding 2 years 20% Exceeding 2 years but not exceeding 3 years 30% Exceeding 3 years but not exceeding 4 years 40% Exceeding 4 years but not exceeding 5 years 50% The insurance company will remove a specified percentage from your IDV. For example: If current vehicle IDV is 3.8 Lacs and it is 1 Year old, then it would be 3,80,000 * 15/100 = 57,000. So the actual claim amount which they might release is 3,80,000 - 57,000 = Rs 3,23,000 /- this is the amount which they might settle this claim. rugs_tachy2009-10-07 12:09:49
  9. I agree with dtandon... the insurance company will take this as a Constructive Total Loss (CTL).. Best of luck...
  10. Guys my Mach has now clocked in 5400 Kms and the 3rd service is due: Some things to mention 1) Got my tank changed, since some of the centre strips (gold) had come off 2) In my last trip, my vehicle was not going beyond 110 Km/hr, and i suspected it be some problem with the carburattor, i checked with the mechanic who was with us for the trip and he too confirmed of the same. So i also got my Carb changed and it is now doing a 120 Km/hr quite easily. Ok here's another news, I have got a confirmed news that the Machismo 500 will be phased out but i dont know the time, may be well within this year itself.
  11. Normally if an RTO issues a NOC letter to another RTO the validity cannot exceed one year. I myself have done this when i took my Caliber from Pune to Chennai beacause of my transfer. Strange to notice that in this case no period of validity was provided, because in my case they did. But i didn't get it re-registered in Chennai, so i came back to Pune and cancelled the NOC. According to the MV Act, you can visit any state without getting a NOC for a period of 3 months. By the way which RTO issued this NOC meaning KA-01, KA-51 etc? i know KA-51 are way too lazy.. they took about 3 months to issue a Registration Certificate Book. rugs_tachy2009-09-10 16:50:33
  12. Yeah keep fighting... they can't take owners for a sweet ride... do keep us updated on this one.
  13. Yeah remembering reading this article. Infact i really think India is not yet prepared for such kind of circuit. But definately interms of potential India has numerous amounts of it.
  14. Source: Bike India Here's a video link of the New HH Karizma' target="_blank"> rugs_tachy2009-08-27 08:49:54
  15. At once the glance at the headlamps reveal that it looks pretty similar to Toyota Prado... but nevertheless this car is a definate Looker! I really liked the front end of this car.
  16. It still looks pathetic compared to the older Zen.... P
  17. Oh Boy! This is some news that i have been waiting to hear since a very very long time. I am waiting and yeah it is damn exciting to see bikes like these.
  18. Hey rajeev, nice post and cool snaps. U must have really enjoyed the trip. Ideal season now to head out! Seeing ur snaps i feel like moving out of my desk right away
  19. aaahh... this now will bring down the TRP ratings, already the trp ratings were affected. Even i was waiting to see him in action! but in the best interests i think its a fair decision by him.
  20. TVS is trying to make a comeback more like how Hero Honda did when it tried launching Street Model way back in 1998, which had no clutch. But yeah these sort of models are very famous in parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea etc. rugs_tachy2009-08-10 12:40:34
  21. Infact in this context i remember when i used to see Tempo Trax now known as Force Motors models Gurkha, Judo & Toofan being driven right from Pithampur factory to Pune Dealers, this was around 5 years back. I am sure for the case of Force Motors Gurkha being made to order will be driven to the specifc dealer.
  22. Really sorry to hear such a horrible incident. Indeed ur experience will allow others (who read this thread) to be even more careful. But even i am surprised if you can't install a non oem audio system.
  23. my last to last post in this thread i had mentioned about the market survey of the Bullet Classic 500 being conducted in Bangalore. Bike India has also put this up:
  24. I think it should only be vapour. Try & observe the same (when starting for the first time during the day) in a hotter climate.
  25. @ Hemendra & Ramesh: Can u please post pictures of this indore silencer? Hemendra: Please do a thorough check of the wiring, because wiring should not be faulty in any given case. I think the fuse or the earthing could be the problem.