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  1. This 110 Kms ride was at the highway (2 lane) and 60 odd kms in the city. During highway & city i maintained a constant speed of 50 Km/hr.
  2. Just another update the bike has covered 1000 Kms (1016) to be exact as of today. Another surprising element is that she returned a fuel efficiency of 33 Km/pl during the city rounds(last week) and i checked her mileage today and guess what i got a mileage of 40 Km/pl. This was because on Thursday 14th May it came to reserve and i filled in 200 Rs petrol priced at Rs.45.96 which came to 4.35 Litres and switched her to "On" mode and the meter reading was 832 and today she came to reserve at 1010. During this 178 Kms i did a 110 Kms ride at a constant 50 Km/hr and the remaining 60 odd kms was also at 50 km/hr.
  3. Even i doubt whether this bike will be priced in the 1 lac bracket... This bike should atleast cost 2.5 lacs. Since some of the parts will be imported, therefore they would have to price it beyond 2 lac plus.
  4. The battery was provided by the company when the vehicle was bought. It has a warranty of 1 year or 10,000 Kms which ever occurs earlier. The warranty is clearly expired. I have been using the vehicle regularly and as indicated earlier (check the battery) once a month. @hdhakaita: What do u mean by a dry battery? @anijog: The wiring is proper (have also checked it out) and i do not have any additional accessories fitted on to the vehicle.
  5. Hi, i own a 2007 Royal Enfield Thunderbird, the battery is totally died out..infact the thing in this is that if the battery dies down, then we just cannot start the vehicle. I was going through the options of various battery manufacturers, i have heard of amaron batteries to be good. Can anyone suggest anything better. For amaron the model no is (AP-ATX5L) for Royal Enfield Thunderbird. I currently have Exide. Although i know Exide to be good, but now i am looking for a battery which has a longer life duration (beyond 2 years). I check my battery every once a month.
  6. @hdhakaita many congratulations on d purchase... do post the pictures of your bike.... @CC - thanks. The thump is not like the one's which we get in the Cast Iron Engine... but yeah we remove the stock silencer and put the bottle type silencer then the thump will come back.. many people told me not to replace the silencer now, they told me to wait until it completes atleast 10,000 Kms (I still wonder why)... yeah the bike has a self starter, but i am getting used to the kick, i use the self starter only when i switch off the engine during traffic signals. Oil leaks have stopped.
  7. Yes one of the model is the Classic which has EFI & UCE (Unit construction Engine) this is a 500 cc model with 28 BHP & 41.85 Nm Torque. The other model which they might launch is the Machismo 350 (Twinspark) with a UCE (similar to the Thunderbird Twinspark) Both these vehicles might be launched after March 2010 since Bharat IV norms will come into play.
  8. Hi @hdhakaita welcome to Autocar India Forum. Well in terms of your query, the new Thunderbird Twinspark is easy on the maintenance aspect, it also generates a good fuel efficiency (unlike other models). The Mach 500 has some issues, which needs to be taken care of time to time, but no one buys a bullet for peace of mind. If you like highway cruising then i would suggest the Mach 500 or Thunderbird Twinspark. The Electra is a Cast Iron Engine, so its not best suited for the highways (only city commute). Hope this answers your query
  9. Review of Royal Enfield (RE) Machismo 500 after 1st Service I got delivery of my RE Mach 500 on 8th Apr 09. It was handed over to me when it had clogged 8 Kms on the Odometer. I bought this machine from Royal Enfield Brandstore at Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore. After getting the documents, I prepared myself to start the engine
  10. From the sources of RE, i have come to know tht the Classic will cost somewhere around 1.5 Lacs... This price is very close to the base model of the Nano... But i doubt whether RE will price it lower than that of Nano... since RE is into a Niche market, where people are not relatively price sensitive... and would like to own a vehicle which is unique.
  11. Gr8 to knw tht ur were an ex... well the 500cc twinspark and UCE (Unit Construction Engine) has been launched in US & UK markets. It boasts 28 bhp, this engine will be launched in the Classic which is destined to launch in the year 2010 in India. Frankly i really cldn't wait longer so therefore i went in for the 500... i also consulted the RE guyz in chennai and most of them told me to go for the Mach 500... and yeah the new bike costed me a whopping 1.16 Lacs.. by the number its a huge amount...but i personally feel that its a lesser price for a 500 CC since Karizma costs abt 88,000 /- on road b'lore (which is a 220 cc) & R15 a 150 CC costing about 1.05 Lacs...rugs_tachy2009-04-20 10:48:55
  12. @Sharash: Yeah i m from HP. I saw tht you are also from here.
  13. There were few oil leaks... as u wld have seen in the picture... but got it fixed... @Geforce: If you want to get the thump exhaust note, then i would recommend the following: 1) Standard Bottle type silencer: Costs about Rs 800/- & is available at any RE Dealer. 2) Goldstar Silencer: Also called Goldie in short, this one creates a better exhaust note, but at times is a bit loud. It would cost close to about Rs 3,000/- 3) Custom Made: You can also get a custom made exhaust which can cost you anywhere between Rs 1500/- to Rs 3000/-
  14. thank you folks! Well the engine power is 23.6 bhp @ 5600 rpm & torque is 40.85 Nm @3000 rpm.. This engine pulls like a train... what makes this engine stand apart is the torque crazy cat rightly pointed it out... it is a superb highway performer... i intend to go to Leh/Ladakh on this one. I also own a TB 07 make...
  15. Infact i was looking for a RE Bullet Machismo 350 Twinspark, but heard from RE guyz tht it wld take 2010... the wait was too long... so thought of going in for the 500... She is a beauty!
  16. Hey guyz i have got delivery of my New Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 500! Putting the link below to view them.
  17. @smokin: I guess you are also one of them. Its hard but its true, that the quality of RE is really poor. But the character of these Motorcycles are great! It feels like as if it has a SOUL! Cheers!
  18. I for all reasons hate the interiors of the Logan. Even in its new variant look at those switches, they really look like switches we use in our household....
  19. @Karan: Yeah the 07 RE TB is my younger brother's, and i am planning to buy the RE Mach 350 (Twin Spark) slated to launch this year. @ Zald: To be honest, i used to hate RE Motorcycles, but that was the time that i had never ridden it. Once my brother bought the TB i just fell in love with it. All of the RE engines are known for one best thing and which is TORQUE!
  20. Hi @Karan, glad you too enjoyed the post & pics. Yeah group rides provides you a totally different experience. (In a good way though !!!)
  21. Hi Karan i bet that your engine rpm does not come down when ur up shifting because of the short handle, because of your short handle, the accelerator cable is getting stuck somewhere, that's the reason why your RPM doesn't go down.
  22. Added to that a likely price drop too...
  23. I think it is the Passat, this is the time when most companies claim depreciation, so this advertisement is done to promote their product.
  24. I definately feel that the Ritz will be a sure replacement for the aging Wagon R. They have started to advertise Wagon R again, i think because of pushing sales.
  25. The FZ-S looks even more stunning isn't it?