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  1. Hey mndvishnu i have provided a link on top of it to view pictures. But will provide it again here it is:
  2. Hey thanks vibhor. Yeah this time too we will be going via mysore to reach Ooty.
  3. I am really waiting for this car. Somehow i really like its styling... pretty unique from the rear.
  4. @dtandon: Logan has a 50 Litre Tank Vis-a- Vis Indigo CS 42 Litres, When u brim up your tank does your car run for 1400 Kms?????? I really dont think so.. @sgiitk: Indigo CS 1st Service is at 5000 Kms & then onwards the service intervals are at 10000 Kms
  5. @ZalD: I never compared a Pulsar with a RE... why are u?
  6. Yeah even we wished to continue. But since everyone had come back on Monday, we had head back. Infact we are now planning to have a ride to Ooty on 14th & 15 March. It's again going to be hectic, but anything for a ride
  7. I am actually planning to purchase a Machismo 350 (Twinspark). Guyz do you have any information on the launch month? PS: Didn't want to start a new thread for this.
  8. Just to share the experience, I was riding alongwith 16 riders (13 Thunderbird's) & 1 Thunderbird Twinspark & 1 Electra. We were heading to Wayanad (kerala), i was ripping at 120 Km/hr (Solo) and when the Thunderbird Twinspark (with pillion) overtook at 130 Km/hr. I am throughly impressed with its engine capabilities.
  9. Check this Amazing cruiser. I think this bike is now launched only in America. Here's the link
  10. @dtandon: We had still half tank fuel left when we reached bangalore. So it was actually only 1 1/2 tanks of fuel consumed. The tank size of Indigo CS is 42 Litres. We had filled upto 37 Litres. I am sure logan also cannot do that in one full tank.
  11. And please do update us on ur buying. Cheers!
  12. Hi Sujith, We own a 2008 Indigo CS TDi. Well the engine noise is too loud. Well to be honest, if we put aside Auto Dimensions aside, this car is very practical. We have run this vehicle for about 10,000 Kms and this car returns a FE in City of about 18 Kms Per Litre. Well i will seriously not suggest you the used Logan. The New Indigo CS looks much better (with the new headlamps borrowed from Indigo). Infact we did a Indore - Bangalore Trip (Roughly 1400 Kms) and it came here in 2 Tank Fulls. So to sum i would say that if you want practical car then go ahead for the Indigo CS.
  13. It now looks more of Extension of Indica Vista
  14. I fear that if this news is true, we can very well see a good company going down. We have already seen Honda pulling out of the F1. Man this news is not doing any good for them.
  15. Yes, this new venture is from Mukesh Ambani's Group. Think they are laying hands on everything with the word RETAIL...
  16. Infact i am not buying any new car because of its free revving engine.
  17. On the second thought i was just wondering, if TATA sells these cars in huge numbers and suddenly if their is any defect in a part, do they really have resources to cope. Each model of TATA has come with certain known defects from the lights of Sierra, Estate, Mobile, Safari, Indica etc.
  18. Octavia should be discontinued. It really has reached a high time to discontinue this model.
  19. I agree. How about spending some time to explain us your requirement. It is most crucial factor for the forum members.
  20. OK..You should try and remove the Blower unit and get it cleaned. Usually the Blower unit accumulates a lot of dust.
  21. Naah... I m nt buying a Nano... I am looking forward to buy the New RE Machismo 350 Twinspark. But it would nice to see how many buyers would come forward to buy a Nano during this recession.
  22. rugs_tachy

    Tata Xenon

    According to me its more of an updated version of the TataMobile (203)... but yeah as FRG pointed out it is a niche product.
  23. As a matter of coincidence my birthday is same as the lauch date of Nano.... Hope i can get a better discount
  24. Nice report Vibhor. We also had a 93 Model 800. I loved that car. Even after running about 1.3 Lac Kilometers it returned an FE of 15 in City and 19 on Highway. I also managed to do a 130 Km/hr on that car.