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  1. hey there dude.... the RE T-bird wld cost you a 1.05 Lacs... and the avenger has just recently come out wid a 200cc engine..... (check the autocarindia mag of this month) the price of the avenger shld be close to Rs 75000 to 80000... If u like to go on long drives then the T-Bird is the best... Hey by the way wait don't buy a T-bird now... Bcoz early 08 the T-bird is coming wid a Twin Spark Plug pumping in additional BHP's. So i guess it is better for u to wait for tht...
  2. There is no logic of the car getting old..... i have noticed in many other cars even the swift.....the braking efficiency reduces with the use of a/c... but the question is why does this happen???
  3. Sorry... i meant any ideas why this happens???
  4. Hey guyz i m back again wid my set of Questions 1) When i turn on my zen's air conditiong while driving i find that their is a significant difference in braking in terms of reduction in braking and when the a/c is switched off then the braking comes back to its normalcy .. why only the zen even the indigo and the indica, palio 1.9, elantra etc we had earlier i noticed the same..... Any suggesstions????
  5. i wld suggest give a test drive for the i10.... incase ur looking out for space and comfort and reliability.. the Wagon R is good. Palio 1.1 is also a good choice... has good comfort and space, but is underpowered due to its heavy metal.... Overall WagonR seems to be a good choice here!!! Cheers!!
  6. Passion boy... thanks for tht interesting article.... Infact yes as the article states the demand for the lower end b segment used cars will come down as the low cost cars will be preferred... So it's going to take time.....Wld be interesting to watch!! But yes the 2nd hand used car market after 2009 will definately fall for b segment cars...
  7. Guys i never liked the Amby for the first place coz its not much comfortable driving... but love sitting at the rear coz of its Sofa kind of feel.. But i think to sum it up we all have kind of enjoyed the ride on the Amby's.... If you ask abt my sentiments... i wld love to have a VW Bettle or a Austin 8... And Bravo to all the members for their contributions... Really this was one interesting topic!! Thanks so much
  8. I dunno y but i can never ever trust the Mahindra's...... Renau on the other side is good.... So my conclusion is like this.... Incase u wanna have Chinese... then have the authentic one...Just like the Honda.... Dont have the Indianised Chinese... Tht;s Mahindra Renau.....
  9. few more brand ambassdors for other cars.... Abhishek B - Ford Fiesta Rani and Saif - Chevy Aveo / U-VA
  10. Between what u have as your points to consider in tht budget the Swift LXi is a good buy coz it comes with lot of goodies... its a sporty hatch and will def have a better resale value plus Maruti's tag on it will give u tht money..... So wht r u waiting for??? Go Right Ahead and Book One Now.... and Plz upload the Pic for all of us to enjoy!!!
  11. SX4's Fuel Efficiency is good in the city u can extract abt 12 KMPL and in the Highway 16-17 KMPL But then again the figures cld be + 0r - depending upon how you drive!!
  12. are u mentioning verna or is it ur car tht u built up just kidding dude...
  13. Aha.... here i come RIDERS OF THE STORM!!!! Did a whooping 160 Km/hr on my Zen MPFi with 3 people on board Did 170 Km/hr on my dad's Indigo TCIC (Not the DICOR one) with 5 ppl on board. 108 Km/hr on my Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber solo and 102 Km/hr with pillion Did 80 km/hr on my TVS XL Super (70 Cc Mokick scooter) on Solo
  14. Hey gurkha lemme know incase u need any help wid ur Gurkha... its a gr8 machine man!!! i have driven it... courtesy my dad who was working at Force.. although he has quit force, but knows lots of incase u want help do lemme know.... I love Gurkha man... and esp the one wid the turbo charged engine and the air intake nozzle coming up from the top in steel and the black colour....
  15. hey there guyz... thanks a ton for those inputs... but do u think a family of 5 can easily fit in?? who all hve tested the verna diesel.. let's count and ur quick views on this... and Gurkha... u have a Tempo Trax Gurkha right??
  16. Vishnu... i know i know.... i was suggesting that but my dad's budget is little rigid.... but i heard the verna has some problems.... these are cases which i have heard frm frnds and relatives.... can someone explain???
  17. Hey guyz.... My dad is planning to buy a car...his budget is fixed at Rs 7 - 7.5 Lacs on road... his points to consider... good ground clearance, easy driving, power, mileage, maintainence, resale... after considering these criteria's i suggested the Suzuki SX4 to him... But apart from the SX4 he is more interested in a diesel car... Guyz please help!!
  18. Swift Diesel Wins here Anytime!!
  19. Yup all most all big car manufacturer provide 24*7 service... so go in for the Optra magnum dude and post a pic too....
  20. yeah i have seen the quality of bajaj's bikes coming way down... well this is true of the whole industry.... The old is Gold man Anyday!! Those olden bikes are way much better in terms of fit and finish quality
  21. Ok guyz.. after seeing the pics... it really looks quite bad... just like sticking a boot in the existing swift.... they better make it good
  22. Hey there bro.... see i have a 100/130 Watt Halogen (philips make) for my Zen they are damn good....and more than sufficient lighting is provided... But when u undertake these changes please change ur wiring and the relays!! HAPPY NIGHT DRIVING!!! KNIGHT RIDER!!!