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  1. Which Car under 10L?

    thank you everyone for your valuable comments... you all have definitely helped me in moving in straight direction... thanks again...
  2. Which Car under 10L?

    I have seen Vento and Honda City in Navi Mumbai showrooms today... Will be taking a test ride soon... on a first look, i liked honda city.. lets see how do both fare in the test drive...
  3. Which Car under 10L?

    Thanks Aditi.. I will definitely think of trying the Vento... But am sorry, I cannot consider buying the Honda Accord.. I already have a second hand car.. and therefore I want to buy a new one this time... Thank you for your comments... Regards Pankaj
  4. Which Car under 10L?

    Dear All, Thank you for your valuable comments... I have narrowed down my options to Vento and Honda City... Thank you very much... Regards Pankaj
  5. Dear All, I am Pankaj, new entrant to this community. I am evaluating some options to buy a new car. I can spend upto Rs 10 Lacs. Am looking at Dzire ZXI, SX4 ZXI, Vento Highline, Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 High End, Linea Emotion PK. All Petrol Variants Can anyone give me his honest comments on which one will be a good buy on all aspects. If there is a better option than the ones listed above, kindly suggest me that also. Regards Pankaj Thread moved to the right section within the forums. BornFree2010-09-05 18:46:26