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  1. @vikky1971...really nice info. Even though I am not driving so far, your check list with minute details, I feel like planning one trip... One suggestion , .. high ground clearance , preferably 4 wheel drive and support vehicle or group of 2-3 vehicle is important pertaining to 'extremely bad roads 'or 'No roads 'at places. Happy planning and Adventure @ Hemant
  2. XTA- 6 seat was offered for test drive at TATA Hexa dealer Recently I hv driven manual & Auto Innova crista also. Hexa is really nice,smooth,good Gr clearance....Just hoping [14.5--16.5 XTA].. good prizing by TATA. Fuel economy is point of consideration as 2.2 XTA HEXA should be more cost effective over 2.8 Zx Crista.
  3. One size smaller to vitara Breeza....+ Hybrid [diesel] ....Maruti has winning card in its hand [...if its fuel efficient,Practical to use, ...everyone will start loving its Design]
  4. i agree with tejas..990 on purpose of buying. Basic safety features {ABS ,Fr 2 Airbags,seat belts with pretensioners..minimum} should be given weightage.
  5. Entry level luxury sedan buyer is more wise. No payment for first year or facelift versions are all marketing gimmicks.. A.S.S.....big question....
  6. maverick .us1..I agree with u. It does fill light weighted..Its custom made for India. Restrenghtened steel..reinforced frame are advertised ...but in reality we can't cross check. Comparing with VW..no way it matches. But practically speaking...ownership cost , maintenance, fuel economy,resale prise....reasonable safety...Maruti is Best !! Congratulations ..for ur New..CIAZ..many more happy miles to go...!!
  7. Jetta 2L TDI auto or Honda C-RV 2L auto petrol can be considered..
  8. Looks pretty good to me.....eagerly waiting..!!
  9. ... honda crv ...hv u given a thought ?.......i know u r in for second owner car....fit, finish, comfort....safety......all columns ticked ..
  10. I agree with Kedar...Look for drive comfort,Safety.. .Consider VW [Resale value is always good for Honda City]
  11. ..anytime ....Duster 110...AWD.....if you love driving...
  12. SRS should be must. But most of car owners / passengers are not aware that these belts are for their own safety and not for traffic police .... ..I think road safety awareness is need of present time...
  13. Yes ...I think Ciaz will make a new story in Maruti sell..As all of us know the high selling Dzire.,.Slightly more prize tag...and You own Ciaz......More familiar brand for costomer like me ..I will opt for Maruti....anytime !!
  14. Plz don't forget ...big USP of Maruti is...super fast an reliable service....TATA ..will take some more time to cope up.. As a costumer end we can enjoy lot of good cars in market...Swift [AMT],,,and some more are around... the corner !!
  15. Hi for saggy i feel new upcoming 1.5 diesel vw polo or vento should serve purpose. I want to ask rssh that ..is it really that trouble some engine as u mention about 1.2 TSI ? I was dreaming of owing one, once face lifted model is launched.
  16. currently I hv my Sx4 Zxi (2007),i10 asta, Alto K10 Vxi, .my Royal Enfield CC 500,Honda Activa. .My bro is having Carolla altis and santro..
  17. @rohitpib ...since you are driving swift,,I w'll suggeset you to think of Polo TSI ..smashing.. ..an updated look is probably going to hit in May...or else think of honda City [with paddle shifters}.SV variant...
  18. Eagrly waiting for.....Really a nice car it will be !!
  19. PrancingHorse,do you mean european cars are engine wise / as a machine requir more caring? Does diesel /petrol & German /Swedish/French/Japnies have different sets of problems ? I personally look at these car makers as engineering marvels.
  20. There must be some minor problem. Ofcourse I am not at all knowledgeble as above but check for tyre ware,alignment etc.Bye the way how u calculated these figures 13,15 then 10,12...I calculate full brim to full brim...It is always mix drive.
  21. Dear Kaushik, I was never fan of Mahindra but after reading your 40k review I hv to visit M&M showroom as facelifted Scorpio is around the corner. Thx.