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  1. @vikky1971...really nice info.

    Even though I am not driving so far, your check list with minute details, I feel like planning one trip...

    One suggestion , .. high ground clearance , preferably 4 wheel drive and support vehicle or group of 2-3 vehicle is important pertaining to 'extremely bad roads 'or 'No roads 'at places.

    Happy planning and Adventure @ Hemant

  2. XTA- 6 seat was offered for test drive at TATA Hexa dealer

    Recently I hv driven manual & Auto Innova crista also.

    Hexa is really nice,smooth,good Gr clearance....Just hoping [14.5--16.5 XTA].. good prizing by TATA.

    Fuel economy is point of consideration as 2.2 XTA HEXA should be more cost effective over 2.8 Zx Crista.


  3. maverick .us1..I agree with u.

    It does fill light weighted..Its custom made for India.

    Restrenghtened steel..reinforced frame are advertised ...but in reality we can't cross check.

    Comparing with VW..no way it matches.

    But practically speaking...ownership cost , maintenance, fuel economy,resale prise....reasonable safety...Maruti is Best !!

    Congratulations ..for ur New..CIAZ..many more happy miles to go...!!