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  1. Mr. Spock, I like this star the most in terms of the styling and safety features it offers. Definitely a star!! Never had a chance for a TD. How is the overall ride quality and response compared to Ritz and/or Swift.
  2. If we go to US, the entire economy is filled with Chinese or Made in China 'Good Quality' products. GMs presence in China is well known thru Shanghai auto and Wuling - as per the sources, this is kind of a trade of for the almost 50% stake SAIC now hold in GM India. Surely, GMs global processes should take care of the product quality and performance. Sadly, the petrol version preceeds the diesel. Expect more SAIC cars from SAIC thru GM India
  3. Hi all, as far as I know from the sources, GM India has no immediate plans for a Cruze Petrol launch, though it was planned initially to follow the diesel one.
  4. You have a point...its reasonably old as a model now, so must be a last ditch effort!
  5. Hey, it was a casual suggestion as he didnt seem to be specific on a hatch/notch. It was just an addition to the info, as many may not know that BEAT Diesel is even planned. Moreover it offers a bit fresh look/design. Figo, is definitely a good buy. On looks, its just a gives a feeling of a smoothened Fusion.
  6. Yep...we differ on what we want in a car. Looking for car which is as powerful as a 2.0 l Diesel, yet is priced about 8.5 Lacs ex-showroom. Not able to find one...But optra's spares must be must be others bit confused. Help..anybody?
  7. Can somebody suggest - which is the best of them all to buy as a first car.. 1) Alto K10 2) i10 3) Spark 4) Wagon R Power, good a/c, Ride & Build quality with reasonable economy at best price is the obvious criteria.. I heard spark come with no maintenence offer for 3 years - how good is that?
  8. Suggest...take a teat drive of the 2.0 Litre monster ...Linea ??? Regret! no match... Fiesta..its debatable on on road economy....others just dont fall in the class !!