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  1. Budget is about 10.5L MAX 11L. I drive about 1000 to 1200Kms per Month .. But it will increase to atleast 1500Kms pm later. Also Does GM has any tie up with other service centers ? A very general question.. What happens whan a car like Octavia or Optra Magnum breaks down in the middle of a remote town or something ? Maruti and Hyundai seem to have service centers almost everywhere
  2. Thanks for all the excellent responses so far. I will keep you all posted about my decision.
  3. ok I was in 2 minds about Scorpio and now it is out !. I need to decide between corrolla and magnum now.
  4. Dear Members I currenly own an Hyundai accent GLE now and am thinking of selling it and buying a new car in the range of 7 to 10 lakhs. Optra Magnum looks powerfull but what about its resale value ? Elantra is fully loaded and again what about its resale value ? Scorpio looks great but would I feel the same comfort like the Hyundai accent atleast ? Toyota Corrolla seems perfect or am I missing something else ? Please help me decide on my next car. I am not willing to sacrifice comfort and ride quality for anything else. My Top choices are Corrolla and Scorpio but Im open to all of your suggestions