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  1. You buy a luxury hatchback for the "oomph" more than anything else and in that segment I think A-Class wins hands down. Also I've heard that mileage wise too it performs far better!!
  2. After seeing A-Class's success, the others have decided to follow but BMW really disappoints! The car definitely lacks the panache that Merc brought to the hatchback with A-Class in looks.
  3. With strong engines and fully loaded features at a competitive price, the Swedes finally wake up to give the well established Germans a run for their money. But Volvo have a tall task ahead of them. First is the perception: The Germans win hands down over the Swede. Second is the dealer and service support. As per the company website, Volvo has just 6 dealers across the country. Compare this with the Germans and you'll find that Audi has 13 dealers across the country while BMW has 16. Even if Volvo does manage to quickly ramp up their dealer network to match these two, it can only dream of matching up to the might of Mercedes-Benz who have 30+ dealers. This is more than that of the other two Germans combined! If and how Volvo tackles the might of the Germans, it could make for an interesting analysis in the year ahead cheers
  4. Scoop: Mercedes-Benz India is giving away a trip to their museum in Germany. Check this out http://www.facebook.com/MercedesBenzIndia Cheers
  5. hey @mahen.jnk, Its Maruti we are talking about ;)I don't think that they want to let go of the old Swift. I wouldn't be surprised if they do away with the features and re-introduce it with a price-cut
  6. Why does it so happen that just a membership on a forum entitles people to say senseless things? I totally agree. It's easy to go Maybach and indeed Mercedes-Benz bashing. But, do these people really understand what the brand is all about? They gave us the first automobile, the first diesel engine, the first truck and more. Collectively they own between their individual brands, over 80% of the worlds automobile innovations. Here's a glimpse into the magic of the Three-Pointed Star! 125 Years
  7. When was the last time on saw a Volvo car on the streets? The '3-*****' Movie placement notwithstanding, Volvo today is known in India for its buses. While the car business suffers. Unlike in the earlier times, Volvo car designs have come a long way and today match up to their unique safety proposition. A real mystery hence, behind the Brands silence in our country.
  8. Mercedes-Benz is in full swing dazzling all the cities across the country with their Star Fascination Fest. The event is being held over across all their showrooms. Special attractions : Featuring all of their cars SLS AMG Virtual Driving Experience Blue-Fi Zone with amazing downloads on mobile Manish Arora's fashion collection on sale Goodie bags for all visitors Experience Zone - 46" LCD Touch screens with details about all their cars Here are some glimpses: