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  1. Hi, Love the paint job on the amby, a fine job done by your friend . Couldn't help but spot the two Merc's hiding behind it (red & black). Any pictures/details on them? Thanks
  2. Hi, A friend of mine just booked a Black Etios this morning. While the dealer has promised delivery in the last week of Jan, he is yet to confirm the on-road pricing. Just an approximation of under Rs. 7 Lakhs was given. With another friend having booked a Vento, we are now having a friendly bet as to who will get their car earlier . I personally love the Vento over the Etios, but I shall do a comparo only once both cars have been delivered to their respective owners.
  3. @dr_nishu I don't think Mercedes overtaking BMW has anything to do with these sorts of "extra-curricular" activities though. It is the big changes they've made to their design & performance capabilities that has helped them get so far ahead of BMW this time around. But doing things like this for their loyal fan following will also help them do just as well, or loads better, in the future too. @s.girish Thanks for the great photographs. Did you visit the fest yourself?