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  1. It is surprising to know that Amby is not a car people hated, but the company itself killed it- I was just wondering how cool it would be if Amby comes out as a Taxi- I've personally had enough with an Indica, congested, smelly, but would prefer an Amby Taxi that is nice and spacious.....
  2. I came across this article today in Times Of India It seems a lot of varients are coming out in the next year or so!!! I read somewhere else that they will be creating a car for a niche market also. I am wondering what would it be - Ambassador as a SUV? or a mini cooper?
  3. To add to CreativeBalas article, here is the news that I came across today that gives more details on the new Amby ... It seems a lot of varients are coming out in the next year or so!!!
  4. It will be great to see, if the youth can connect with it and get the Indian version of VW Beetel Will I buy the new Retro Amby and take it to my office and make a statement? Yes I guess so, if I get less engine noise, and NO PROBLEM AC ...
  5. I guess so Amit... It will fill the void! But still lets wait and watch If its moving in that direction, what aspirations would you have when the Amby gets re-launched?
  6. How would you visualize your dream Amby? My take will be the Retro look car, with Indian roots, with lower ground clearance and smaller turning radius..... Would be FUN to see how close we are to HM's thinking....
  7. Very very wrong. How can you forget our very own Hindustan Ambassador. new Hey I am hearing that our own ambassador is coming back with a new Retro look and better features! For the benefit of the prospective buyers what will be the wish list for this new Amby?
  8. Dear Nishu - What aspects of Ambassador excites you and why?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />