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  1. Yes, I am really confused as regarding the product it is top notch. But as per the after sales experience it is very disappointing. As for the automatic HID headlamps laura and corolla altis is presently having.
  2. Good to be in company with such learned people on emmission norms and taking fiat to such hieghts. well Fiat need to understand that where they have to land that platform needs to be strong enough to hold. What is the ground realty and how to build up their brand value. As for the emmission norms yes we should be educated enough and we should also put it in our priorities but as rightly said by the environment analysist how much pollution is spend by boieng in one flight from newyork to delhi is equal ti the years pollution spend by the cars in India.
  3. Sid on NDTV has clearly told about 1.9 and dualogic which I confirmed with officials of Tata regional office. They confirmed the news and told me that the dealers are being asked to place thier orders for the vehicle.
  4. I have recently come to know from Fiat people that 1.9 diesel linea is delayed because of Dualogic box adaption to Indian conditions. It will be launched soon around Diwali. Does it come with a paddle shift? With that engine Linea can challenge a Skoda Laura itself and even Jetta. As some serious luxury features have been thrown in like Driver seat with three programmable memory functions, Automatic HID headlamps & wipers, rear windows curtains etc. All this will be at sub 11 lacs price bracket. Now Fiat seems to take the market by storm provided they work out after sales problems.
  5. Folk here is the ordeal i have gone last week of my complaint regarding the wrinkles on paintjob. I was called by your workshop on 22nd of this month in reference to my complaint no. 1-10450831802 to get the vehicle surveyed by Dupont expert regarding the wrinkles on the roof and boot of my Fiat Linea. The Dupont expert inspected the vehicle and told me that it is a manufacturing defect and this is unstoppable, to spread on other parts unless dipped in Zinc Phosphorus, which is not possible at dealership. To my surprise on confirmation of the status of the complaint with the Fiat customer care, the complaint status is closed without any solution. So, I again registered the complaint no.10502504271. I think the Fiat people should do some thing fast as this situation will not be able to be handled by Tata. Can any one advice me as what to do?
  6. Post deleted: While pasting from Word, remove the fonts/colors, etc. BornFree2010-09-28 11:38:12
  7. Well the best part where I think T-jet will score will be 20-80 or 40-100 which is more relevant while driving on Indian roads.
  8. Well diesel cars are tricky subject as the bestsellers are those which are not elegant in style and not having good interiors and creature comfort. Well here linea scores and behold as the 1.9 is on the cards (confirmed by sid on cnb show) will give all the reason to smile. Even 1.3 is not bad but it is not for enthusiast. Fiat is delivering the car equalent to Corolla diesel at the price of Fiesta. They just have to work in tandem with Tata dealership (Workshop) i.e. after sales problem esp Paintjob instead of starting a blame game as quoted by sid on ndtv.
  9. I saw the review of T-jet on cnd show, boy I was taken back by the performance it was having it said 11.14 secs to 100 and the new colour is really good. The fatter tyre has taken care of the the extra power. I was releived by the quality of interior coming at par with other competitors. Well now Fiat has done what it should have done earlier as to bring the car to segment it really belong i.e. cruze and corolla one. Sid also confirmed 1.9 MJd and Dualogic box. Well things are turning for Fiat.
  10. Well Fiat has taken a remarkable step by bringing T-jet. If the power posted by members is correct then it is real deal if pricing is good. But Linea deserve 1.6 MJD or 1.9 Mjd. As it is a segement above. Folks shall i wait for Fiat underpaid white elephants reply or go for legal action.
  11. OFF TOPIC, we are here discussing about FIAT Linea T Jet not about Mitsubishi Lancers & cars owned by members. Mods - Please ensure the disucssions are related to the topic. Well Fiat has taken a remarkable step by bringing T-jet. Well the power posted by members if correct then it is real deal if pricing is good. But Linea deserve 1.6 MJD or 1.9 Mjd. As it is a segement above. Folks shall i wait for Fiat underpaid white elephants reply or go for legal action.
  12. Siree, Europeans do make cars are best in ride and handling for enthusiast. So, I prefer the cars having best in segment ride and handling. No issue for the brand value.
  13. Sorry mail has come from Fiat. They have said that some responsible person will contact me. So after 10 days some hope has come. thanks to naren64 and deviljr.
  14. Mr naresh, I have called up on toll free number and registered my compaint (no.1-10450831802) and had mailed on ten days ago. My dear you could check with the fiat people with my compaint number and as for photographs I will post as soon as possible. As for my statment of silly things is this that the fiat people have left everything on TATA's to see all the problem and not ready to involve themselves. Am I not a Fiat fan who has spend 9 lacs of ruppees. Folks I think Mr naresh is an insider to curb our voices of any fiat negative comment.
  15. Well folks i send emails but no result. Either they are underpaid or white elephants. It is high time that fiat should listen to the story of japanese and koreans how they cemented their places in India or the Indian operation of Fiat will be termed as "Bridge to Far" or "Lost Frontier". Get some well paid effecient people to run Fiat Operations and do not go by their Italian Premier saying that "Women come to him because he is loaded". No doubt Linea is loaded but they should stop harping about "admiration guaranteed" and work for "Satisfaction Guaranteed". We Indians are very sentimental about women and cars. Do belief in Loyalty which Japenese and Koreans have well understood and delivered. All efforts are aplauded of tata dealers of solving the problem of their adopted brother (Fiat) without any support from them. Fiat is doing silly things and after sailing in deep waters with Tata. If this time they wreck then they will fail to find their remains in India.
  16. Welcome to the new linea but no newson 1.6 Mjd. Fiat has to evolve the confidence in thier product first by taking the quality of their product seriously. Resolving issues themselves like Toyota, Honda and not just leaving to tata dealers. I have latest experience as the tata dealer delivered a white linea 1.3 mjd dynamic to me in Lucknow. Which, with in a week had paint job problem, as honeycomb patches have started coming on different parts one after the other. Now Tata dealer is running post to post for solutions. They donot know how to handle the situation as their is no support from Fiat india. Look the things have not changed as what has happened to sienna and palio. God help Fiat in India.