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  1. well for getting into the international scene bajaj must lift its quality maifolds.. may be zero tolerance in all aspects will do them good
  2. ha ha .. this looks like a hollywood heros gike.. may be next ride for abhishek in dhoom3.. lolz
  3. lolz i am a college student so RTR for me
  4. ya i think the bikes r getting better nowdays .. bajaj is improving at a snails pace.. kudos bajaj
  5. well praful i think u hate bajaj bikes ... well same here.. lolz.. the so called pioneers of indian 2 wheeler market do fail badly in terms of quality and reliability..
  6. well have u got the bike..??
  7. @praful i am not gonna buy a bike which costs more than 65k bucks... so it will be mostly between the hunk and apache rtr or the rtr efi...i have my exams now so i have postponed my plans to jan..thats it
  8. @praful have u tested the bike... i am planning to get the hunk... if u have photos can u mail me
  9. i liked the suzuki shogun a lot... it was cool and it sound was awesome
  10. lolz... gr8 photoshop work....
  11. i feel yamaha bikes are far better than bajaj interms of quality
  12. ya there arent much offerings from suzuki down here... suzuki shogun was a gr8 bike.... i learnt to ride on one of it
  13. well i studied this in some magazine... i dont remember the exact content... but it has something to do with the wrong movement of magnetic needle... i will get u the correct reason soon..
  14. true bajaj bikes r not known for quality and reliability... my friends dad got a platina for himself .. and u know wat the switches are all worn out.. the bike is just 5 months old...
  15. but down here in chennai u have this festival called pongal... comes in the mid of jan... so they will have some offers over here....
  16. hey libero is 4 years old.. so its not somethng new into bikes...
  17. lolz.. i forgot kinetic....
  18. my personal ranking will be 1.honda 2.hero honda 3.yamaha(well i have a yamaha its doing gr8 even after 4 years) 4.tvs. 5.suzuki and last comes 6.bajaj i really hate the quality of bajaj bikes...
  19. guys... how do u rank the various manufactures in terms of reliability , quality, and performance yamaha, honda, bajaj,suzuki, hero honda, tvs
  20. no man.. not another pulsar.. already too much of it on the roads... y not a new name..??
  21. guys my bike has a tacho.. yamaha libero.. and its just 108cc
  22. yup i heard yamaha is launching its fazer 250 in india.. when will this happen guys. any idea..?
  23. ya it does . it becomes a 2008 model
  24. humm thanks vishnu.. waiting for my dream bike... lolz