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  1. not sure but wen is the fazer 250 coming..?
  2. hey is the variable valve timing engines VTI newr than the mpfi..???
  3. ya apache rtr is a better choice... or wait for the apche rtr EFI which will be available in due time... i am also waiting for it... guys any idea of new bikes in 150 segment..???
  4. well i am gonna wait till jan 08 to see if there any other new bikes coming... till then its my yamaha libero
  5. i just had a doubt... i am noway gonna touch my bike.. it already has a poor millage
  6. if u r a bike enthu go for apache.. or else unicorn is ur bike... it has a great gear box, refined engine and is easy to drive....
  7. i agree with u biking.... its looks really childish on bajajs part to throw such accusations on tvs... hope they will deal this in a matured way... and for the 20000 rs bike it reminds me of a old bike which my uncle had in early 90's.. it was called as EXPLORER if i remember correctly
  8. yes .. i think i will wait for a month or two to see if there is any new bike coming out....
  9. IS there any use of fitting a diffuser into our bikes exhaust... wats the help other than the sound
  10. well guys... my dad has to pay the bill.. i still have to wait till august for my first salary... and the bike must not burn his pocket lols... he said ok for 62k bucks another 8k or 10k for FI well.. no idea.. ya i have test drove the RTR it rocks.... got to test the hunk and then decide... though the hunk rear suckx i heard this frm my friend in delhi
  11. ya it is high.. but wat can we do.. i am thinking of repairing my hercules mtb... my libero gives a FE of 43kmpl...
  12. heard the raise would be around 3-4 bucks for petrol and 2-3 bucks for diesel
  13. HA HA.... u know guys cost of fuel in IRAN is just 4 rs per litre... my dad went there recently and he found that there were no workers in those bunks.. u have to fill it on ur own and swipe ur card... they say its not affordable for them to employe a person... lols.... imaginin this to be the case in INDIA...
  14. they cant price it low because they cant bring the cost of importin the oil down
  15. dude privatising means the will put the burden rite on the consumers.. there wont be much use...
  16. wat will be the cost of the FI version..? and it cant be repaired by a ordinary mechanic as it will have a microprocessor ans stuff in it rite..??
  17. its not yet available here in chennai
  18. forgot to mention will hunk be a bit high for me... i told i am 5'7
  19. thnks guys but i dont like the unicorn... @praful i am not really intrested in a FI bike.... it lacks the feel of a ordinary corburator injection bike,,,,
  20. help me out .. confused.. i want to choose between the hunk, cbz xtreme abd apache rtr. i am 5'7 tall.. i am crazy abt bikes... but cant choose between the three.. i dont wanna go for a pulsar and unicorn... i heard tvs engines r not reliable.. and the cbz is not a bike for short riders like me... wat u say guys..???