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  1. Scoop - Gen 2 swift in Delhi

    Rahul If you see carefully the test mule there are no electronic meters attached inside or outside of the car unlike if you see any western test mule lot of wires & gauges are visible to capture real time data.
  2. Scoop - Gen 2 swift in Delhi

    I don't understand runining test mules for months. This is tried and tested model and already launched in European markets. Is it some kind of tactics of Manufacturer to clear old stock at Dealers and agreement done with Vendor as local content as know of New shape swift is going to be high. Another reason could be Suzuki must have given blue prints of parts to their sselected date and have asked them to clear old stock and start supplying parts for new shape by this ..'X' date. that is why world's largest market of Suzuki i.e. India is getting step brother treatment.
  3. Car logos getting stolen! Any solution?

    Put Feviquick around the logo It costs just 5/- Shall make theft little more difficult.
  4. SCOOP : Manza ELAN is Here

    My view is this is just desperate cosmetic attempt to revive Manza brand in fiercely competitive sub 6 lac Sedan market. But to me still Manza a bad example of poor ly design car especially rear which is like big fat Boot .
  5. VW Polo, the real big thing

    VW is very customer centric company I own 1.2 Polo was delivered with in 3 months of promised time and I have atleast given 3 feedbacks on phone and 1 detailed feedback with questionaire filled personally. After sale I've never recevied any call from Suzuki 'sor Tata's regarding buying or dealer experience.
  6. Suzuki Kizashi Roadtest

    Who will pay for SUZUKI approx. 18 lacs ain't they small car expert people Suzuki expects people should try their 2.5 times more expensive than failed SX4. I forgot to mention Grand.Chatra oops Vitra success
  7. VW Polo, the real big thing

    VW wants to remain premium brand so NO big production numbers Swift Diesel is not loosing customer because of waiting so why so much fuss in case of VW
  8. Candy White 1.2 Polo CL

    She's doing great except left front seat belt had to be replaced under warranty as belt wasn't going back automatically. I haven't driven much as I was out for official work after Petrol prices soaring I'm using frugal Swift VDi more. My advice treat her nicely she'll be nice to you.
  9. ACI FirstDrive - Toyota Etios

    Toyota's logan (Etios) I see people will buy because of Toyota badge and I don't think they'll launch diesel version any time soon as puny size 1.4L D4D is already doing duty in Corolla. In Taxi segment 'J' version with CNG kit seems to have lot of potential. But I don't think its going to be popular with young urban segment. But I am shocked to see in the name of cost cutting such horrible designs are still made by the car manufacturer which has the highest recall history.
  10. Candy White 1.2 Polo CL

    there is no gap in my Polo I think door handle is loose get it tight. Panel gaps in VW impossible leave it for Suzukis, Koreans and our own Tatas Mahindras.
  11. Premium Hatch Confusion: Jazz 'Select'ed.

    1.2 Vtech chopped indian version of 1.5 vtech of its elder sibling is already Euro4 ready. but the main concern is DONOT BUY WHICH IS 7 months old. wait for another month in 2011 you'll get the best deal on vintage Jazz and also chk have they stopped producing Jazz and clearing their stock at dealer end. Don't buy classic Jazz & Buy new Jazz with manufacturing date not older than a month. ( J-Oct, K-Nov onwards VIN)
  12. Safari with a new look coming this October?

    Safari is coming in which Oct,2010 or 2011 as this October is already over. Lets post some credible info NO RUMOURS PLSSS
  13. One serious looking Audi

    This is LeMans edition of TT Wots This is single purpose machine i.e. racing & meant for racing. But I didn't get the logic of discussing racing circuit car. Mods: Shall I start Formula 1 or WRC edition cars here
  14. Premium Hatch Confusion: Jazz 'Select'ed.

    Credit goes to form members of ACI which are actively involved to guide & share their expertise. Great going members!
  15. Help Figo or Swift

    To my knowledge for both Diesel & Petrol Germans are way ahead of the lot. 1.4 TSI engine from VW is winning for the last 2yrs (2009,2010).