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  1. @ ankur: Does the music system come standard in all versions. How many pre-outs does it have.


    I have a Swift Dzire at the moment, want to upgrade to an SX4. But after driving the SX4 I felt the handling in the Swift is a notch above as compared to the SX4, what do you think about its handling? Please share your views regarding braking at high speeds? Is it stable? Also i felt the suspension was very stiff.


  2. Hi did anyone of you drive it as yet? wats the price in kerala/ karnataka for the diesel car...any idea?

    If its in the range of 8-10,  I may sell off the dzire go for it. Heard its out with a 1.3L CRDi unit, and also 1.6L. Any idea on the price guys?

  3. This car is something I eyed for so long. I loved the drive in the old Tata Dicor 2.2L, but the quality of the interiors were a big let down.

    I hope they address this aspect in the present model.


    Yes Merlin sounds odd, when it comes to naming an SUV, too girlish for me.


    Why can't Tata improve the quality of their After Sales Service??? Their ASS is the worst at the moment.


  4. None of the cars you have listed are built strong enough to withstand a crash.


    The strongest hatch we have is the Grande punto, next is the Polo.

    But the Punto comes backed by Tata terribly acclaimed Service. VW as you know is expensive both in spares and in service.


    Best hatch by far is the Ritz. You can shut your eyes and buy it. I have purchased an LDi. its driven 7800km so far. I drive everywhere highways, ghats, forests. It handles everything perfectly well. The ground clearance is great.


    The Figo is good car, but off late I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding it. The handling of the figo is sublime. None of the hatches can match it, but the ground clearance is bad. Try driving a Figo with 4 passengers leave alone 5 over a speed  breaker.


    The best hatch in your budget is the Ford Fiesta. The old fiesta was a fantastic driver's car. The new one is bound to be better.

    Leave out the verna. I never liked the handling in old one. The new one looks kind of odd.

    The City what I feel is very "over hyped " car at its price. Sorry I beg to differ to what others claim. The drive and the handling did not impress me. The Low ground clearance only made things worst.


    After the Fiesta the next best is the SX4. The car is a real treat to drive. Try it out.


    And please don't make the mistake of considering the Etios. The quality of the plastics is pathetic.



  5. I was one of those who was keen on buying the hatchback version of the Etios Diesel. But learnt that it would be launched only in april or may. Due to the huge waiting list you can except a premium to be charged by the dealers.


    Thanks to you guys here, and to good discount that i got from maruti, immediately went for the Ritz diesel. Must say that I'm pretty pleased with it.

  6. Hi guys,

                 need some help on this one.

    I've had problems with the brakes in my swift Dzire Ldi.  I have complained to Mandovi and Maruti on 2 occasions. There is a new brake cylinder which is fitted in post april 2010 swifts, and the braking distance is now much reduced, but they are not willing to fit it, saying that my car brakes are perfect. I usually drive on the highways, and early mornings at good speed av. 120 kmph.


    So they tested my car, at speed of 100-110kmph the braking distance was 67 metres acc to them. Is that normal braking distance? what should i do?


    The new brake booster cylinder assembly costs 4k including labour, but my car is in warranty and I'm claiming for it.


    Don't use the Dzire nowadays, its parked in my garage at bangalore.


    Should i go for the new brake cylinder or just lodge another protest?


    Acc. to them they wont change. The regional manager is real


  7. sony is more inclined towards sound quality


    I found sony crap. JBL are too bright.


    Accessory shops suggest Sony/jbl because of the margin they make.


    Even i made the mistake of buying Xplode once long back until i heard infinity.


    If you want SQ go for infinity reference components, Focal polyglass or even better Rainbow reference series.

    Infinity components will cost 6.5k., focal 13k, rainbow are a bit expensive.




  8. First of all Toyota has come up with the Etios and the Liva with a clear cut objective- they want to snatch the market share from Maruti which Dzire and Swift command at the moment.

    They know in India people are "brand" conscious. The other day I had a client of mine telling me that he had booked a Etios. I asked him whether he took a test drive. He said its a TOYOTA car, has to be good. So you see. He also said that there is a ON rate of 40k for the car at the moment if you want it fast. Can you believe that? So Toyota has managed to achieve their initial objective quite successfully.


    The car has very bland exteriors and poor plastic which make it look like a cheap chinese car. Qualis also looked horrrible, but it was a best seller.


     I agree the quality of the plastics are much better than the Etios. Please don't compare the Etios with the Camry.


    What I'm waiting to see is How does Toyota ASS match up with this huge spurt of cars now.


    I dont know about the engine, but it looks like an old powerhorse. But I'm pretty sure Toyota will relaunch the car next year with the 1.2 L engine which they are planning for the Liva.





  9. The best 4 WD SUV is undoubtedly the Toyota Fortuner. Its better than the rest by miles. I have driven it in coorg and it was a class apart.

    Next is the Ford endeavour. Go for the 4wd. Comes with AT. Excellent. But turning radius is much more than fortuner. Also you can bargain for a good discount on the ford.


    next is the captiva. Its nothing but a soft off-roader.


    Aria: its much better than the Scorpio, but never ever commit the blunder of buying a FRESH product that too from Tatas. Never. Its like buying a white elephant.


    Or you can simply go and buy the scorpio 4wd, but avoid the one with AT.

  10. Its sad to the level these salesmen stoop to make a quick buck. You did the right thing by lodging a police complaint. Do a detailed Pdi before delivery. Dont accept a car which has crossed more than 200 km. Thats fair enough. Sometimes the car has to be got from another city which is far off. Modern cars dont need to be run-in. So dont worry about that too much.

    Lodge a police complaint against the car dealer as well if you dont get your money. After all they employed that cheat. Let them cough up the money. Threaten to go to the press. Regarding the cheating issue lodge a formal complaint with Ford india. Im sure they will look into the matter.


    I'd a similar problem with maruti. I contacted the regional manager immediately and problem was taken care of.

  11. First of all check if your HU has options for any pre-outs.


    Then check how many? You need an HU with atleast 2 pre-outs. 3 will be excellent.


    I suggest you to chuck the blaupunkt, and get a Kenwood 7016U, or 8016 BT. Both have 3 pre-outs.

    Then install component speakers in the front. Go for either Morel maximo 6 6" or infinity ref 6030cs. Or if u can extend your budget get Focal polyglass.


    You can chuck the sony speakers, they are not good. Instead get a 12" sub, either infinity ref or Kappa 120.9 or RF punch.


    you will need an amp to power the front compos and the sub. Get the Focal solid 4 its the best VFM amp.


    Also dont forget to get damping done. Use Dynamat for that. Noisekill is ok, but dynamat is the best.

  12. Components: JBL GTO 608C should cost you 4 to 4.5k, the speaker size is 6.5" which should fit in your getz. These are pretty good.

    If you want 4" then get Illusion components, They are the best in 4" range.


    If you better SQ then try Polk components...should come to 5.5k


    If you can stretch your budget to 7k , then get the infinity ref components.


    If you can further stretch your budget to 12k get the Focal polyglass components.


    If you get a sub, get a Rockford Fosgate a damn good 12" sub, sod cost 4 k now, 1k for a sealed enclosure.

    Power the sub and the components with an Auditor rip 4 channel amp...this should cost you 7k. Its better than JBL or even the RF prime.


    Regarding the sony speakers, I dint like the SQ, they are bit too bright. You can keep they or if possible try exchanging for any of these.

  13. Hi siddarth,

                      First of all go to the maruti site lodge a c/o. Screw them. Very soon the MASS guys will call you. Make sure you speak only with their works manager.


    Get all the doors checked, especially the hinges. All greased up. Then check if there is sound on rolling the windows.


    Also check all the ball joints under the chasis yourself when they raise the undercarriage. Make sure they do Lubricate al joints.


    Regarding the electricals, Check the battery at a battery service place.

  14. Thanks a lot Sid for posting those pics, I tried a lot but in vain.


    I think we got to have simple uploader for our pics out here. I find this imageshack thing a bit complicated.


    Coming back to my Beauty, I want to retain it in its originality as far as possible.


    I had enquired about the Tata Dicor engine, but its a tedious job, the gear box also needs to be changed.

    DDIS, wow it will be great, but again lots of work.


    I have a budget of 10k/ year maximum 15k for my beauty, that includes insurance as well. So just cant afford to go over board.


    Got my Beauty serviced at Ram Cool Cars at banergatta, bangalore last time. They did a pretty good job, it seems there is little leak from the gear box, for which overhauling is required, plan to do it later this year, when I'm free. Also there is a lot of play in the steering. Nobody but only myself can engage the reverse gear, even the garage guys had a problem.

    I want to get it painted, but nothing fancy. I'll stick with my german red. Searching for a proper place to get job done. I don't want paint bubbling up in a year or two.

    Any good places in bangalore??