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  1. yes it will be ok. Power the sub with the amp. Use thr HU for speakers
  2. Pretty intelligent move by maruti. The Dzire is still the largest selling entry level sedan by far. By decreasing its size, MS will be reducing its boot space. Thats not good news for me at least. But by doing so MS will keep the price of their next gen Dzire to the same or even lesser than the present model, so it will definitely make a killing in the sales department.
  3. Hi. Why did you pick up sony? sound quality isn't great at all. HU best is kenwood. Get an HU with atleast 3 pre outs. Front: put components- Infinity/ Focal Rear: subwoofer- Infinity Amp: Focal solid 4 channel you can skip the rear speakers. Power the sub-woofer and the components with the amp. SQ will be a level above the sony and even JBL/ Polk
  4. "You can't sell make it a hit with the public, unless and until your service network is spread out" why can't they get this simple point.
  5. The FE in the i10 isn't as good as the A-star. My in laws have i10 automatic, its a good car, nice and easy to drive. They are pretty happy with it. I TD the A-star wen it was launched, its definitely one of the best built marutis. Since u will not be using rear seats much, I suggest u consider it. It will anyday give u a better Fuel efficiency in city traffic.
  6. Nice to see a satisfied beat customer. Nice and short review.
  7. Since u drive under 1k km, u can go for either of the 2 i10 or Ritz. The FE of both cars will almost be the same around 14-15kmpl. ASS of both is good in PUNE. The interiors in i10 are definitely much better than Ritz. I have TD both. The Ritz felt a lot better to drive in terms of steering feedback, but i10 handles better, gearbox in Ritz is much better. Chevy pls dont go for it. FE is bad. ASS is not well established.
  8. Wait till feb, they will offer discounts. The new car is scheduled for a post budget launch. I think both the models may sell side by side for a year/ till stocks last Then they will phase it out.
  9. If I was to choose among ur lot, then definitely the Jazz, sad thing is that its way overpriced. But its great to drive, I enjoyed the test drive in it. Also 3 can easily sit in the rear. Also Honda ASS is pretty good and well established VW polo is the best among ur list of cars to drive. I am talking of the diesel version. But 3 in the rear is a bit cramped. But no dont go for it. Long waiting period or a big premium, and a big ?? ASS. i20 is an average drive, that wat i felt. The rear can easily seat 3. I Td both the Diesel as well as the petrol. The diesel hardly has any low end torque, so hill climbing is bad. The drive is very average. Very dull steering response. But considering VFM, its good Fiat Punto: lotsa goodies thrown in it. Very tempting, But only black cherry is the TATA ASS, how good is that, everyone ones!!!
  10. What is the reason behind it? I guess that your intention to get an RC of 2011. Dealer agreed on this? If your piece is not locked there is no chance of massing but mostly dealer do not agree on picking the car in first week of Jan 2011 because then he has to invoice on that date ( of Jan 2011) and discount will not be applicable! Yes you are right. The dealer will agree for these terms and give the discount only if he has the car readily available. I have to make the full payment by dec 28th. Then I plan to do a PDI and take delivery in 1st week of jan. I hope they dont screw it up. Also loan seems to be moving nicely so dec 28th seems likely but cant say a thing about our nationalised banks, just keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. yes DD Sir, I thought alt about it, there is no discount on VDI+ABS, as it has to be booked. That will cost me nearly a lakh more. The cost is 6.47 lacs in bangalore, thats well exceeds my budget. So dropped it. Anyway sir my driving after that madurai scare has mellowed down alt I dont cross more than 120kmph with my Dzire even if the highway appears barren nowadays. I know, handling the ritz at high speeds above 120 is always risky even with ABS on, so I will just have to manage with what i can afford and avoid crossing 120.
  12. @ rahul, alok and nishu: thanks a lot guys. @nishu u have been a great help man. Pulsar along with the ritz. thats a good one. No i don't think they will mess the car up. After todays episode I dont think so. I will do a PDI before it goes for registration.
  13. The car is readily available. I will take delivery in 1st week of Jan. @ alok price break up is ex-showroom price : 485k insurance: 14k road tax: 69k (its most in karnataka, almost double compared with kerala, TN) incidental expenses: 5k extended warranty: 5k total on road: 578k
  14. Hi friends, Yesterday I booked a Ritz Ldi in baker's chocolate @bangalore. I got a fairly good deal I think, but touch wood till I get the car, just can't trust the dealer. Deal is as follows: 30k cash off + nippon remote locking+fogs+steering grip+wheel caps+****y mat+ all usual crap that they give. I agreed to pay 1k for all these accesories All dealings done over the phone over a 2 day period. But I did give the salesguy a piece of my mind a couple of times. For a start these salesguys consider doctors as easy fish. He wanted to fix an Autocop remote locking system which is pathetic and wanted 4.5 k extra. When i threatened to cancel the booking he came on track and is now giving all MGA stuff for 1 k. 1 k sounds ok so i agreed to pay it extra. Plan to use the car for a year or so then gift it to my wife. I'd initially planned on either a K10 or A-star. I even considered the Wagon R and Figo Diesel. But considering my yearly driving of around 30k+ kms, thought its more practical to stick with DDIS engine I already use in my swift. Why Maruti., just because of ASS. Bakers chocolate just because the Ritz isn't available in solid red. All our cars are in red. I dint like the Firebrick red at all. Also Ritz in bakers chocolate happens to be my wife's first for the first time in life i listened to her. Atleast thats what she thinks
  15. Hi guys I had made up my mind to get an A-star, today just enquired about the Ritz. Thank god i did. There is 35k cash off on ritz + a few freebies. I want test how desperate the dealer wants to sell. wat say, i think Ritz is anyday better...but A-star makes a statement.
  16. Hi guys, this is the latest deal i was offered for A-star lxi in bangaore. 35k cash off + accesories ( remote locking+ fogs+ internally adjustable mirrors + sunfilm. These accesories work out to around 10.5K wat do u guys thinks should i close the deal? pls reply, gego
  17. Hi guys I've decided to buy an A-star Zxi/ Lxi. Haven't decided on that as yet. Can u guys advise me where can i get the best deal in bangalore? Most showrooms offering 35k off, i think if i push them a lil they will come to 40k. They say that they will give accesories. Usually they do teflon coating and chassis coating. I dont want all that crap. Please share ur experience if any of buying a car in Dec, heard u can get max discount please reply
  18. Hi guys, I TD figo diesel a week back and still cant stop praising the car. Its simply superb. In fact its easily one of the best cars to drive today in the price they offering it at. For all u guys like me who drive a swift diesel daily just TD the figo diesel u will definitely agree with me that its anyday better to drive as compared with the swift. I have a few queries: 1. The TD car had ABS, what is the braking like in car without ABS? 2. How is the ASS in bangalore and calicut? I'm worried as there is only 1 ASS in calicut and that is 90 km from my city. 3. Touch wood has anyone of u ford drivers, ever had a breakdown on the highway. What was the response time by the ford breakdown service? How efficient are they? 4. I never got a chance to hit any speedbrakers on 10 km that i it true that the bottom scrapes these speed breakers when car is full. Pls spare your experience.
  19. If u looking for a reasonable SUV, best option today is a Bolero. It cost <6 lacs
  20. @karan I totally agree with u maruti thou their products are not that attractive, but surely they are easily servicable and lighter on our wallet as well. I have TD the figo diesel recently its such a superb car to drive, way better than my swift, but will i buy it? no because ford service centers are only available in main cities, same goes for chevy as well. You can not find these service centers in our small towns or villages. Maruti all said and done can be fixed anywhere. That only reason why I want buy a maruti, thou their cars rattle after 4 yrs, thou the quality of the metal they use is filmsy, thou wat and all.
  21. I can understand your problem, but i cant believe why you never screwed them after the first instance itself and why did you get your insurance cover made by the same dealer. I find that very hard to believe. As sarabjeet said for insurance you should contact insurance company directly always. Go to apollo and Hyundai site lodge a complaint with your full details, threaten legal action, and send them a registered mail. I'm sure something will be done about your case.
  22. @andy: First of all you have done good research. You seem to know exactly what you looking for. what i can gather is your primary objective is a decent VFM fuel efficient car at 4.5 lacs with ABS. In kerala where we both hail from you can get A-star Zxi for 4.5 lacs, figo titanium petrol for 5 lacs and figo titanium diesel for 5.9 lacs, Ritz Vdi with ABS for 5.85 lacs If you driving 40000 kms in one year, dont you think it makes more sense going for a diesel. 40,000 kms should consume ... 2105 liters of diesel @ average of 19kmpl= Rs86305 2105 liters of petrol@ average of 19kmpl in A star= Rs120000 So you roughly saving around 35k+ on fuel for a diesel car, that too if you only considering an A-star, which will defi give you the best mileage among the petrols. Again maintenance of the diesel car will be a bit more than petrol but i think you should be able to recover your 1 lac back. so do think about it As mentioned by Rahul, figo is an excellent VFM car, but servicing it in kerala is still a big ? unless you live in any of the main cities, not like a maruti. Otherwise I too would have loved to have it. Only time will prove how affordable the figo really is to maintain. Mind you, servicing a maruti diesel is not that cheap either, I too have a swift Dzire and i know its much more than a petrol car.