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  1. On a funny note: if it catches fire then Titan can mould it into chains and sell it instantly
  2. Any idea of the expected price for the THAR? That is one car i have been waiting for a long time
  3. If you looking for driving pleasure go for the swift. A much better car to drive as compared to the Figo petrol. The new model of the swift is due next year. Even the present car is fantastic to drive. If you looking for a more practical car- Wagon R. The Vxi with ABS option comes for 4.67 lacs, its fuel efficient and a very good city car
  4. Relax Sri, nudges and bangs are just part and parcel of driving around. You just can't help it sometimes. Did u get any freebies wit the car?
  5. Brakes having a problem is a serious issue. Get your vehicle checked in another tata workshop, I think you got to check the pressure pipe, whether its pumping oil into brakes, usually Tata vehicles have some prob with that. I have a Tata sierra, once the pressure pipe burst on sudden braking, my engine overheated and had to be overhauled...i can never forget that incident. If it doesn't help, threaten to sue tata as brake issue is v serious, and you have hardly driven the car around. Write to every tom, **** and harry in tata. If that doesn't help simply just sell it off and never buy a Tata again.
  6. @drifty I'm waiting for your update. I still am in 2 minds whether to go for Alto K10 Lxi or A-star. The A-star Lxi costs 50k more than K10 Lxi. At first i had decided on A-star Zxi, but then its 4.5 lacs so still not sure. I drive 4000kms a month on rough roads, highways and high terrain. I use a Swift Dzire Ldi at the moment, but got to leave it at home this december. The Swift is taking a real beating on the bad roads. At first i thought about getting my Tata sierra because of its superior ground clearance, but scared, because i drive through a jungle track and if anything goes wrong there, im done for good. I'm thinking of buying at year end when i will get maximum discount hopefully. I plan to use the car for 2 years then gift it to my wife. What do you think k10 is good bet?
  7. Figo diesel anyday. Go for the Titanium variant which comes fully loaded. The music system has a USB port as well. Skoda are very expensive to maintain. Service centers in small town is totally crap. Inside bombay you shouldn't have a problem though. BornFree2010-11-10 11:18:37
  8. What about the new swift? its well on its way right, but maruti salesmen are still not trying too hard to push the Swift or Dzire. There is just 10k discount in kerala on Swift. Ritz and Dzire no discount. A-star 20 k. I think it would be more sensible to wait for the new Swift, since they are launching both petrol and diesel together. We checked out the figo titanium yesyerday. Its really good, especially one with black dash. Music system comes with USB, Drive was superb, handling was excellent, but i still felt my swift Dzire diesel was better and more fun to drive. The steering in the swift is definitely more responsive, even my friend agreed with that. We even drove the A-star automatic today, its first time i drove an automatic. Its definitely easy, the brakes with ABS were so accurate, nothing like my Dzire Ldi. But to be frank i found driving the automatic boring. Thanks alt for all your suggestions, I will tell you what he finally decides to get.
  9. Hi guys, you left me out. I'm an Orthopaedic surgeon practising in kerala. I'm originally from Bombay, but moved down south 10 years back. Its great being on this forum.
  10. Hi guys, one of friends is planning on upgrading from his wagonR. He has budget of under 6 lacs. He drives around 1500 km per month. He wants something which is economical to maintain as well fun to drive, good service network and resale value. when he asked my opinion, I suggested the Ritz Vdi with ABS. I thought why not know what you guys have to say on this?
  11. Ritz is great car. It isn't as fun to drive as a swift, but its a good package overall. Lots of space and pretty economical. I want to buy one but my budget is below 5 lets see how things shape. Vdi with ABS now costs 5.7 lacs in kerala, and there is no discount according to sales guy with a waiting period of 3 months, so I just kept quiet.
  12. Hi Ajay, I think you should stick to petrol. I have 2 diesel cars, the maintenance is slightly more. It doesn't justify buying a diesel since you hardly drive more thab 800kms per month. Figo diesel is excellent great fun to drive, but petrol lacks the punch. i20 is a good car, well built, but to be frank with you, its no fun to drive. Maybe its because i am used to my swift. Since its your first car, test drive all the cars in the market. This will definitely give you a general idea of the car you looking for. I suggest you to TD the Ritz petrol, Swift petrol and even Swift Dzire petrol. All are within your budget. Polo and Micra will be definitely be more expensive to maintain, if you fine about that you can consider any of the 2. Tata and Fiat you can leave aside, the Tata ASS is pathetic in bangalore. I have personal experience. Regarding your bluetooth stereo you can get that for under 10k nowadays. so that should not be an issue in considering the car you need. Important facts to consider are: 1.After sales service 2.maintenance costs 3.driving comfort 4.Value for money If you consider all these best is the Ritz petrol Vxi with ABS or Zxi. Excellent car. You should easily get a mileage of 14 to 16kmpl with AC. you TD all the cars, then only decide.
  13. @ durango: yes sir i agree truck drivers have a mind of their own @ nishu and @ spock: thanks all u guys for the concern. Next car i buy will definitely have ABS. @rssh: I avoid crossing 120 kmph since then. I will upgrade to bigger tyres at first tyre change. selling and buying a new swift Dzire Zdi is out of question- its costing 8.5 lacs on road in bangalore. But defiinitely the next car i buy will surely have ABS.
  14. I really trust my age old Tata sierra when it comes to brute strength. This happened a few years back when i was driving to bangalore at around 8pm. I was driving quite slow at around 100kmph. A black cow suddenly crossed the road and i hit it. The cow bounced on my sierra bonnet, kissed my windshield and then flew across to the opposite side of the road. Any other car i would've been history, fortunately that particular day i was driving my sierra and not my swift. Swift would've been pulmerised under that 200 kg cow. I survived that incident and so did that cow. Sad part was that i had recently done up the engine work in my sierra just a few days back, and again after this accident, the radiator fan was broken, and the engine gaskit had to changed, the bonnet was changed and had to be painted. But fortunately i survived. I owe this to my best friend my Tata sierra and i will never desert it.
  15. The fiesta is the best among the lot, any day better to drive than ANHC. Also the ANHC has a very bad ground clearance, you've to take a big risk with it on bad roads. The new model of the fiesta is due this year end, I wod've waited for it. The optra is a strict no. Whatever discount they offer i will never recommend you to buy it being an Opel, the car is pretty good otherwise. SX4 is a good buy, but mileage is an issue. I think the diesel version is bound to come out shortly, that should be a tempting offer.
  16. I wish car comes with a diesel engine and a price tag of 13- 14 lacs....then I will definitely consider it
  17. Hi everybody, I have a swift dzire Ldi, I have it now for a year plus, covered 25000kms, get the car regularly serviced and checked. This nerve wreaking incident happened on the madurai-bangalore road near karur. For those of you who don't know this is an expressway and one effortlessly touched 17kmph. Later while i driving, a truck suddenly decided to cut a bullock cart (believe me bullock carts on toll expressway)without checking the rear view mirror. I was driving at 150 or so and suddenly braked. I felt as if it took a full day for the brakes to apply- the brakes came on so late. It was a horrific incident. Luckily for me my car was loaded with some luggage and didn't sway to the side. I stopped under the rear end of the truck....a few cms away from the trucks rear tyres. I could see smoke coming from my front tyres, but fortunately i didn't crash into the rear of the truck. I blasted my entire vocabularly with the choicest of words from wren and martin at the truck driver....I surely wanted to hit him. But trust me guys, after that incident I'm sh*t scared to cross 120 kmph in my swift? I did a little research and found that majority of the swifts have a braking problem when you cross 120 kmph. I sincerely hope maruti does something to rectify this.
  18. A-star is an excellent car. Thou you cant compare it with an i10. But i wouldn't go with the i10era, go for the A-star, but the lady has to be a little tall as the seats are bit low and driving it may take time getting used to, otherwise the car is an excellent buy if space is not a concern
  19. Hi Rahil, if i was in your shoes i would've waited for some more time. As it has been pointed out, Punto is packed to the brim but Tata is managing after sales service- That is gamble you got to take. I will never risk it. Polo- I feel its too overpriced for what they offering i20- Its not a great car. Its no fun to drive after you have driven the Ritz. Just chill for a few months, maruti is launching the new Swift, that promises to definitely be a car to watch out for.
  20. Hi guys, I have a Swift Dzire Ldi, which is a year old. Can i install ABS system for the brakes. Any idea how much will it costs? Has anyone done so far?
  21. I think most women go for looks first then easy drivability then extra features thrown in Looks: bright colours, pink, purple easy drivability: AT extra features: To show off in front of her friends with GPS, LED lights, good music system
  22. Hi, i'm buying the A-star. Vxi or Lxi not yet decided...but definitely in paradise blue. checking out the finance options and bargaining at the discount since I'm in no urgent need of a car. will buy it in december when you can get maximum discount, fingers crossed. A few things i wanted to know: 1) how is company fitted music system in Vxi? 2) does the Vxi come with height adjustable seat?
  23. I have seen this car in flesh and blood when i was in school in the gulf. Its an awesome car, but my neighbour never used to drive it much, it had too many complaints.
  24. Hi. I simply love this car, in fact even contemplated buying one but my wife stopped me I already have a Sierra which is 16 years old. I know about Tata After Sales Service. Infact I used to get it serviced by Autoriders goregoan. I still remember the car coming back dirty with all grease around the seats and the dash. They never used to solve anything- it was terrible. I was going through your servicing history, pretty reasonable so far....TOUCH WOOD. I used to those rogues 10-15k those days everytime it went to Autoriders I test drove the 2.2 as wel as the Dicor several times but was really scared about service. ITS VERY DIFFICULT TO FIX IT IF IT BREAKS DOWN ON HIGHWAY. I was stranded at bombay pune expressway for 8 hours....that too in the morning. At night forget it. So i went and brought SWIFT DZIRE Diesel.......its no match for the safari/ or even my Sierra....but its extremely reliable. I wish maruti gets something like this to India.
  25. I think its nothing but a Manza without a boot. The previous Vista received criticism because of the centrally placed instrument panel. Imagine you driving with your parents they will be watching it more than you, and ofcourse advicing as well. That is going to change, it seems. I think more than introducing model after model TATA needs to look into their quality control, their marketing, their finance and their after service. Among the above lot: After sales is worst, then comes finance, then marketing and ofcourse all of us know about their plastic quality.