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  1. You should go for Ford Figo TDCi Exi which has ample space and very low maintenance cost. In NCR Delhi, the service cost for figo is around Rs. 2500 per 10000 kms.
  2. I think you should wait for Skoda Rapid which is going on sale in November. Rapid is based on the VW Vento platform and has the same engines and other things and should be priced below Vento.
  3. Just go for Ford Figo. It is the most value for money hatch with ample space, low maintenance, good suspension and good features. My cousin owns figo diesel for more than one year. He is very happy with it. Service cost is just around Rs. 2500 for every 10000 kms.
  4. Sorot

    Figo LXI

    Hi figoz, I think that Ford India has listened to you and has removed the OEM HU in the Figo EXI. Now EXI feature over LXI are as: *Smart Programmable Keyless Entry *Intelligent Central Locking *PATS (Passive Anti-Theft system) *Front power windows *Remote Boot Open (Electric) *Left Hand Side Outside Mirrors *Full wheel covers *Fabric Insert on Door Trim *Passenger Vanity Mirror on Sunvisor *Removable Parcel Tray These are 10 MORE features which are available in EXI but not in LXI. Out of these 10 features, 5-6 features are very important and make a valuable sense. Hence my advice is to go for Figo EXI which makes more sense to you.
  5. I watched an ad in TOI newpaper for VW Polo and Vento discounts: *Free Insurance *Free Accessories *Exchange Bonus *Low EMI *Free AMC It was clear that the AMC is not applicable for Vento. And the ad states that which benefit suits you best. I think one can choose only one benefit from the five mentioned. Anyone has more info????
  6. i pray for getting well soon for vipul and other three fellas
  7. @rameshbabu.n Wait for 2-3 months for the all New Ford Fiesta. It will have Automatic Transmission like Skoda DSG Auto Transmission that no car in sub 10lacs category has. This auto transmission is delightful to use. The design is very futuristic.The new 1.6l petrol engine now produces whopping 120bhp. It is loaded with features like Start/Stop Button, Keyless entry etc. and will be priced very competitively. It has best ride and handling in sub 10 lacs. You can confirm it in the Autocar India Review. The rear space is less as compared to others. But it will not be a problem for two adults.
  8. Ford Figo diesel is the best value for money option. Its maintenance cost is even less compared to Marutis. Its paid service costs only Rs. 2000-2200 for every 10000 kms.
  9. Ford Figo is best value for money option with very good ride and handling and it costs only 5-5.25 lacs only for top variant diesel engine. Otherwise Fiat Punto is the best car in ride department. But If you can go with its somewhat high price and less after sales, it is the best hatch for you. VW Polo and Skoda Fabia also have good ride quality. But they are very costly and even does not have features that are available in more than 1 lac cheaper Ford Figo.You will have extra premium only for their Bedge value. I do not think that it will be a wise decision. Do not consider Hyundai, Maruti or any Asian brand for your ride comfort. Basically it is fight between Figo and Punto for you.
  10. ACI UTV News showed Fiesta will be launched in Jan 2011. CnB NDTV previewed the European version of Fiesta Hatch and expects that the hatch version will be launched in India first in QI 2011.
  11. I want to ask you about a strange problem in my Ford Fiesta Diesel. Please help me out of this problem. I purchased Ford Fiesta Diesel in January 2008. It met with a minor accident in June,2010. It was running properly. But after one month in August, it showed a strange problem and this problem still exists. While the car running on highway at around 80 kmph in 5th gear, the speedometer of car stops working.Even distance covered kms is not displayed, only ---- displayed in place of digits (image uploaded 1 & 2) and after sometime the car stops running. The engine does not receive any feedback from the accelerator pedal. There is no response from the engine, no matter how hard I press the accelerator pedal. The car slowly deaccelerate from 80 kmph because engine is not receiving feedback from accelerator pedal. To keep the car moving, I turn off ignition key, start the engine again and it receives feedback from the accelerator pedal once only (engine responses only once after restart) and move forward. Again the accelerator pedal does not work and I have to restart the engine again and again to keep the car moving. This procedure runs for 2 or 3 kilometers and then the car automatically repaired from this fault and run properly. It happens usually one time during a trip of 150-200 Kms. Sometimes it does not happen at all. Due to the problem, I took the car to Ford Workshop in Delhi two months ago. I told them about the problem and strangely they were not sure about any particular problem. They asked me to change a Pump or something like that but they were not sure to solve the problem by this. So I took the car back to home thinking that this problem would probably repaired automatically but I was wrong. This problem still exists in my car. I have uploaded three photos of the Instrument Cluster first two of them show car in faulty condition and third photo shows Instrument Cluster after car automatically repaired from the fault. The address of phtos is given below: