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  1. Yes i did get it repaired from a local mechanic who solved the problem almost. But the problem has recurred. Now what should i do?!
  2. Yes it had met with a front end collision. However, this problem has been there even before this accident. The local mechanic tried to repair it and did become stable. But again the problem has returned. Should i go to the Honda Service center or to the local guy and get suspension parts changed?
  3. I drive Honda Activa and recently the front wheel seems to wobble to one side when i accelerate. It becomes stable at speeds more than 50. But below this speed and especially when throttling it pulls to one side, making it difficult to balance and steer. I have reported to the local service center Sterling Honda, Pimpri. But they have not set it right. Is this happening due to the belt drive? What is the problem and how can it be solved? Please reply and asap.