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  1. Friends, Really great and appreciate so many of you pitched in your advise. Looked and like ANHC as well, but am getting a good deal (I think!) with corporate discount on SX4 (Azure Gray) that is easy on my wallet and fits my budget, and going for it. Booking it tomorrow, delivery in couple of weeks. (Got this better deal with another dealer than the initial one who has it in stock now, but the savings is worth the wait). So decided, no more confusion on this or that! It is meant to be SX4 for me!! Am going to take some driving classes as well, as have been driving in US for long and so have to get used to right/left change and offcourse Chennai traffic!!! You can continue to share your thoughts/advises. Very much appreciate them.
  2. Thanks. Also to add on waiting period - the SX4 (we were thinking of Azure Gray) is in stock - Vento, there is a two to three months wait period. The VW sales person was telling that nowadays SX4 resale value is not that good and there are plenty seconds waiting in market. Is there any truth in it or is it just a marketing pitch.
  3. First time buyer in India, have owned Camry while in US. My budget was around 7L, but have come up now to 9L. Usage - Chennai city driving mostly, occasional long drives - will certainly be less than 1000km/month - so based on general advise, considering petrol version only. Prime factors in deciding: Economy, Comfort (family of 4+), Safety, Resale value. I almost booked SX4 Zxi today (quoted 8.75L with discount) - but then a friend asked me to take a look at Vento. I like both - but Vento will cost me additional 75K. Please help me decide. Appreciate your time.