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  1. Even after deregulation, Diesel will still be less costly than petrol by at least 15 rupees.
  2. Regarding Diesel pricing Kirit Parikh committee made two recommendations: 1. decontrol the diesel prices. 2. Tax approx. Rs. 80,000/- on private passenger diesel vehicles to make up for the difference in excise duty on petrol & diesel. I would like to sat that even if the central Govt. deregulate diesel, there will not be a major hike in diesel price. It may be Rs. 2 - 4 at the max. Once this is done, there will be no subsidy on diesel. So the proposed tax on vehicles is not linked to this. Central excise on diesel is approx. Rs 2.50 and on petrol Approx. Rs. 14.50. Govt. charges this much less excise on diesel due to its usage in various sectors, as discussed in detail in this forum and can not make it same for both petrol and diesel. This is the only tax, due to which a private diesel car/SUV owner gets undue benefit vis a vis a petrol car/SUV owner. To compensate this very differential only, the Kirit Parikh committee recommended to tax diesel cars / SUVs upfront, based on some calculations. Therefore, This additional tax has nothing to do with deregulation of diesel prices. It can be imposed even if diesel is deregulated. It is to compensate the lower excise duty on diesel being enjoyed by private diesel car / SUV owners. The diesel car owners will still be enjoying lower state taxes (VAT), which is approx. 20% on petrol where as it is Approx. 12.5% on diesel in most of the states.
  3. Wishing speedy recovery to Vipul and his friends. We should always follow the traffic rules.
  4. Punto 1.4 Emotion & Emotion Pack are similar in price to Liva V & VX variants respectively. Which is much more superior to Liva on all parameters except the "T" badge and F.E.
  5. @creativebala, Yes, I own a Spark and even after three and half years of usage, I do not find much degradation in its NVH levels. I am surprised to note that Etios lacks Weather gaskets in all the four doorsas pointed out by Munish. In fact, after reading this I checked the pictures of Etios to verify it.
  6. Leave aside C segment, Its NVH levels are not even comparable to SPARK, which sells at less than 3 lakhs.
  7. Almost 150 kgs lighter than Swift and 200 kgs lighter than Punto 1.2. It will be interesting to know, which parts of Liva have been on slimming spree. IMO, it can not be boby sheet metal alone.
  8. From this post of a real owner, we can infer one thing that most of Indian car magazine reviewers seem to be biased towards some specific brands. Or they review a particular car keeping in mind the brand image of that manufacturer in India. Yes, engine & transmission are most important parts of a car, but in my view body shell is also equally important.
  9. ARAI milage figure for Beat MJD is 24kmpl as per CVP in CnB video posted above.
  10. It is already available in Japan by the name of Vitz since December 2010. I had posted its pics when we were discussing Etios Liva. 07:14:17
  11. I think in India, base variant of any hatchback is already having basic features only. As far as less powerful engine is concerned, see the fate of Punto, the beating it gets in every review and forum for lacking power.
  12. Black first preference and white second. However, when I bought my SPARK I went for white keeping in mind the extreme summers in northern India.
  13. @driftpunk Yes, my typing mistake, It's 500GB. Less than 100 GB HDDs are almost obsolete now.
  14. Today received my Seagate GoFlex 50GB HDD which I had ordered on for Rs. 2430/-. Finished installing backup software on my laptop.
  15. Original Grande Punto's length was 4030mm. So shaving 30mm was rather easier. If they bring Evo's exteriors, shaving those extra 65mm may be a bit difficult without distorting the looks.
  16. Evo is available in Europe for more than a year now. They should not change the exteriors of current punto in India instead should change the interiors only. IMO, whether Palio or Punto, the original design has been the best and any face lift of exteriors has only deteriorated the looks. To maintain the quality they should do the following to the RHD Punto available in UK: 1. Better AC (which they have already done) 2. Suspension and G.C. as per Indian roads (already mastered) 3. No tinkering with any of the materials specifications or drawings to maintain fit & finish intact and to keep niggling issues in check. 4. Striping off various features to match various variants of swift, both feature-wise as well as price wise.
  17. Why Fiat is not deploying their multiair technology or turbo to their 1.2L engine? If they are going to stop its production, they should hasten the deployment of twinair on their small cars.
  18. If this engine becomes their main engine for small cars ( Its naturally aspirated version is proposed to produce 60-65 bhp and current one with turbo produces around 85 bhp) what will happen to 1.2L engine. Then its production may be completely stopped.
  19. I think Fiat is still not very sure about 875cc twinair's success in real world scenario, that's why they have launched it only in Fiat 500. May be they want to fine tune it more before launching on other models.
  20. After the present hike in petrol prices, ATF has become cheaper than petrol! As per a news in "Business Standard" ATF costs Rs 60.56/litre whereas petrol costs Rs 63.37 per litre in Delhi.
  21. -15kmpl regularly in my Spark without AC in city. -19 kmpl on highway with 50% AC.
  22. I keep visiting the form quite often and sometime write also. My SPARK is running fine. I would like to mention here that even after changing all the shock absorbers, it had developed same problem after sometime. But Chevrolet A.S. S. people were co-operative and changes the mounts even after warranty was over. So a happy ending to suspension problem. P.S. : My intro dates back to 23 Dec. I think it went un-noticed.
  23. The Rs. 80.000/- to be levied on Diesel cars / SUVs is not the Green Tax. It was proposed to equalize the higher excise duty on petrol paid by the end consumers i.e. car/SUV owners, taking into account an average running of 8,000 kms per annum. The average running may be true for a petrol vehicle but for diesel it should be around 15,000 kms. So the whole argument of committee seems to be flawed. As for as pollution from diesel vehicles is concerned, best way is to control the adulteration, which in turn is possible only when subsidies are removed.
  24. Thanks a lot. One of my known has bought a Punto 1.2 active and he is quite satisfied with the in city performance. the only grudge he has is about FE, which is 11-12 kmpl in city.
  25. Most of the reviews by auto experts had mentioned that twin-air sound is like any other 3/4 cylinder motor. But, felt very disappointed after hearing the engine sound in this video.