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  1. Govt. is distributing approx. 10 ltrs of kerosene/month to BPL families through PDS. But most of it gets siphoned off by corrupt people and finds its way to diesel/petrol adulteration, which affects economy, encourages black money and also pollutes the environment. Further, in the aftermath of tragic incident of burning of an upright govt. official, the petroleum minister has said that it it very difficult to remove subsidy from Kerosene. In my view, there an alternate can be: Remove complete subsidy from K-oil. Issue one 8-10 kg LPG cylinder/month to BPL families and provide some additional subsidy on these LPG cylinders which is, anyway, already subsidized for middle class families. No doubt, the problem of pilferage will remain but will reduce to a large extent. One major advantage will be that a major source of adulteration of auto fuels will be plugged, which in turn will help reduce environment pollution. Please share your views.
  2. Can anyone throw some light on " Why Govt. charges Import duty on crude oil, petrol & diesel at all?" since these are so much essential commodities.
  3. The Beige interiors in current Spark IMO look horrible. If you can live with that then Spark with AC and PS will be the right fit.
  4. This is because of static charge only. It is more pronounced in winters. In winters our skin remains dry and we wear woolen clothes, due to which more static charge is generated on our body. This gets discharged when we touch any metal. Try shutting the door by pushing at window glass and you may not get the jolt.
  5. The center Govt. charges 5 per cent import duty on crude oil and on petrol and diesel 7.5 per cent. Further it charges Rs 14.35 and Rs 4.60 per litre, respectively, as excise duty on petrol and diesel. Even after the recent hike, OMCs are losing Rs 1.22 per litre on petrol nearly Rs 7 per liter on diesel. Besides petrol and diesel, they are losing Rs 19.60 a litre on kerosene and Rs 366.28 per 14.2-kg cylinder. (source: Economic Times) This seems to be a total fraud by the Govt. Whatever notional under recoveries these state run OMCs are projecting, more that that the govt. is pocketing by way of these taxes.
  6. If they are able to price it around 4 lacs, It will give a stiff competition to premium hatches since most of them start above 4 lacs for petrol variants.
  7. These Oil Marketing Companies follow very bad trade practice. They always announce total price hike but never disclose the basic price increase. Actually they should announce the basic price increase, which, I suppose, is uniform throughout India. This way, at least, we will know how much each state is taxing petrol.
  8. Also, they should change their petrol engines portfolio. Their FIRE engines are neither performers nor fuel effecient and they have -ne image since the days of Palio. They should bring the new generation engines or develop an engine specifically for India like others. They can see this from the 1.4 T-jet Linea. No where, in any forum discussions or reviews, you will find a complain about this engine regarding FE or performance. OR, they can bring in 900cc Twin air 85bhp engine for punto and its planned naturally aspirated 68 bhp version can become the engine for future small car. And 1.4 T-jet can be made available for sports version of punto and all versions of Linea. This way they can have complete family of cars based on just these two engines.
  9. Happy new year to all. Hope, in this year some safety standrads/equipments are made mendatory for cars.
  10. Swift dezire CS under 4 meters is confirmed by the latest scoop by ACI. As per the scoop it will be aggressively priced as it will save roughly 40K as excise benefits.
  11. Most of the modern hatches like swift, Punto, yaris, i20, fiesta and even polo start from roughly 10000 pounds in UK for the base model with jazz startimg from slightly higher 11000 pounds. So, it is not that yaris (vitz) competes with only jazz. It is only in India that some manufactures by introducing older models (figo, liva) are creating ower entry prices and some are taking premium for their brand image (Jazz).
  12. Chevrolet's ASS is not that bad. I own a SPARK since Dec 2007. During warranty, they replaced faulty parts very promptly. In fact at the fag end of warranty they replaced all the 04 shock abrosbers, since some sound was coming from suspension. The only issue which I noticed is the fault diagnostic capabilities of the persons at service centre. They do not seem to be very well versed at that.
  13. Here are some images of the latest 3rd generation Vitz launched in Japan. It looks quite good from inside and outside. So it is not that they do not have good designers. The Liva to be launched in India seems to be based on 1st generaion vitz/yaris/echo as named in different countries. It is only their confidence that they can compete with modern hatches in India with an almost 7-8 old design just because of their brand image and pricing.
  14. I am GR Panesar from Chandigarh. I love to know about cars and automotive technologies. Like many others, I also like Fiat and expecting the launch of Punto with a 0.9l twinair and a 1.4l t-jet. I have already posted some messages when my Spark developed some problem in suspension. Sorry for introducing myself so late.
  15. The Q-Revolution will be somewhat justified if this car remains sqeaks and rattles free after 6-7 months of usage on Indian roads.
  16. sg sir, My brother-in -law is love with his 6 year old ZEN Lx (without power streeing), but when he drives my spark LS (with power steering), he always praises how effortless the driving becomes with power assisted steering.
  17. @vr.46 yes, it is quite a feat for Toyota. I am just trying to understand, how Toyota has managed this without compromising on safety aspects, whereas all the modern hatches are 1000+ kgs.
  18. None of the auto journalists have commented on " How Toyota have made such a light weight sedan without compromising the safety standrads." IMO providing option of ABS & airbags on base variants (although good) hints something.
  19. Fiat has launched fiat 500 with the new 875cc twinair engine in UK. It has got very good reviews except being a bit expensive. In UK similar configuration 500 with this engine is about 1200 euro costlier that naturally aspirated 1246cc variant and about 1200 euro cheaper that 1.3 MJD. Would like to see the Punto in India be launched with this engine to become a beauty with brains.
  20. The GM customer care took prompt action on my complain. They inspected my car on 16th and replaced all the 04 shock absorbers. Now there is no sound from suspension and ride has also become smoother. Thank you all, for advice.
  21. @sarabjeet : He doesn't have a say in this , He doesn't look after Finance ministry does he ?? It is right that Mr. Jairam does not look after finance ministry, but government is forced to take action on important issues only when conflicting voices ( support for the issue) start rising from within the govt. And use of subsidised diesel is not OK in private vehicles even if diesel becomes more cleaner than petrol. There has to be some normalizing factor in terms of some additional duties on Diesel vehicles to compensate for the subsidy.
  22. Yes, This is quite likely to happen, if differential pricing is indroduced. Because of this only, Mashelkar committee recommended to impose a fixed amount (say 80,000/- rupees) on ex-factory prices of diesel cars. There can be a still simpler approach to this. Just like excise duty, a diesel subsidy duty/cess (say 15 to 25 %) can be levied on ex-factory prices. The amount so collected, can be used to replenish the subsidy account.
  23. I think we all are missing the real issue here. The real issue is "use of subsidied diesel in a private use pessenger vehicle". be it a car (Indica, swift, ...), SUV (Scorpio, Safari, .....), MUV ( Innova, Tata Adventure,.....) and so on including the ones mentioned by the minister. And, it is only the government which has to fame proper policy, so that the diesel subsidy goes for the intended porpose and not to the private car owners. I feel that the Minister also intended the same, although, his choice of words may not be right. Even the Mashelkar report on petrol, deisel price deregulation spoke about imposing certain duties on deisel cars, if subsidy on diesel can not be removed. But, may be due to lobbying by manufectures, govt. did not implemented that.
  24. Fiat can solve this problem by fitting the newly developed 900cc Twinair engine in Punto which is about 50 kg lighter than the curent 1.2l engine. It produces 85bhp and is very fuel eficient. It may be a bit costly, but Fiat can romove some non-essential features to keep prices in control.