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  1. Around 1400 Hrs, Asstt. manager (Service) alongwith a shop floor suprvisor came to my rsidence to again take a road test of my car. They drove on some speed breakers around my residence. At last, they agreed that sound comes from both ,front & rear, while going over speed breakers. But they said that it is coming from shockers because they are compressed & decompressed on speedbreakers. In their view, it is normal and they can do nothing about it. Please advice what to do?
  2. Yesterday, I went to Service centre. They road tested my car twice. In first roadtest they told that this sound is quite normal and tightened the underbody nut, bolts and did some lubrication. After that they again took the roadtest and rufused to agree that the any sound is coming from suspension. Whereas the suspension sound is persisting as it is. I am thinking to write to Chevrolet's Cutomer Care alongwith a copy to thier head. I will be thankfull if somebody can provide me E-mail ID of Chevrolet's Customer Care Head.
  3. Visited the Service Centre. Sadly, they informed that, for the last two months they accept cars for service only with prior appointment. I have been given appointment of tomorrow 1000 hrs. So, will go to service centre againn tomorow.
  4. Thank you to all, for advice. I am taking my car to Service Centre today. I will post the service centre response in the evening.
  5. Thanks a lot for suggestions. The front disc brakes also make sound while braking. This sound almost goes when I wash the car and wash off brake dust but reappears the next day. I think warranty will expire on 30 Nov as Invoice date is 1st Dec 07.
  6. Yes, Maruti can continue with the same k-series engine, since it is still better than compitition. But, if they add vvt, it may be more fuel efficient than the current one which will offset the incremental cost of say 5-10K.
  7. Thank you sb-alto. Yes, the sound is like it comes from a punjabi leather jutie. It comes forms all the wheels. Is comes from front as the wheels hit the Speed breaker and from the rear when the car comes off it. It seems to be mechanical sound as if some old spring is pressed and then realesed. The car has clocked 25K kms. I am staying in Chandigarh and mostly driving in the city, where roads are genereally good. Occasionally I drive on Chandigarh - Delhi Highway. Rear shock absorbers were changed in Dec 2008 due to noise from rear. But that time noise was different and was coming only from rear.
  8. I have a Dec 2007 Spark. Whenever I go over a speed breaker, I get squeaking / lurching sound from the suspension. Last winter also the same problem was there and the service person had told that this may happen in winters and they had done some adjustments. again during regular service in June'10 I had told them about this and they had done some adjustments again and this sound was manageable. But now again as the winnter is approaching, this sound has become quite troubling. I would like to know if it is normal in winters or there is some problem with the suspension? I need experts advice as my car will be shortly out of warranty.
  9. Yes, Public transport is the best option. But, where will all the car manufectures will go. Further, sufficient power is required for a comfortable drive, not for 0-100 sprints or overspeeding on highways. You require power to quicky reach the speed limit in city, otherwise the person behind you will not let you stay in right lane and keep honking.
  10. Punto suffers from worst power to weight ratio. Although deisel cars have a cosiderable portion of sales, it is still petrol which make up the numbers (70-75%) of sales, and that is where punto is beaten to dust by compitition. Only other car having a similar power/weight ratio is Figo, but it is priced sensibly and you can buy a deisel vesion for a price of punto petrol. There was a suggestion to get KB-12 from Maruti. I don't this it is needed. If Fiat is serious then they can come out with a Punto with Twin-air engine. This engine, in my opinion, can satisfy all the conditions of power, econimy, emission, excise duty benifit, performance etc. The R&D cost can be recovered by mass production instead of selling in small numbers but at a premium. I have compiled a list of hatchbacks selling here: Hatchback Kerb weight CC Cylinders/Valves Power Torque(Nm) Power/weight Ratio Suziki Swift 980 1198 4/16 85@6000 113@4500 87 Suzuki Ritz 1005 1198 4/16 85@6000 113@4500 85 Honda Jazz 1055 1198 4/16 90@6200 110@4800 85 Chev. Beat 965 1199 4/16 80@6200 108@4400 83 Nissan Micra 945 1198 3/12 76@6000 104@4000 80 Volk. Polo 965 1198 3/12 75@5400 110@3750 77 Hyundai I20 1065 1197 4/16 80@5200 112@4000 75 Ford Figo 1040 1196 4/16 71@6250 102@4000 68 Fiat Punto 1140 1172 4/08 68@6000 96@2500 60 Fiat Punto with Twin-air Turbo 1050* 875 2/08 85@5500 155@2000 81 the twin-ait engine is just 85 Kgs, which will reduce the Punto weght by almost 45-50 kgs. I think Fiat can further reduce the weight by another 40-50 kgs, which will improve its power to weight ration to 80-81, which will be a very good start.
  11. Hello everybody, this is my first post in any form on the ACI Site. Recently I heard about the Fiat Twin air engines and thout that we may now add even 2-cylinder Engines to this debate. Fiat is launching fiat 500 with a 2-cylinder twinair engine which they claim is far better than a 1.4l 4-cylinder engine in terms of power, performance, economy and emission. As prof, SGIITK explained that we need 5 or more cylinder for smooth power delivery since then power cycles can overlap. Here Fiat is claiming that even in terms of smoothness this engine will at least equal to a 4-cylinder engine. So I think as the technology is advancing, in future we are going to more smaller and smaller engines with higher performance and then restriction of 1200cc for petrol engines for small cars in India will be well justified.