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  1. yes, Bridgestone Turanza, the tyres cannot be rotated inside out.
  2. I have an Sx4 which runs Uni directional tyres, my brother-in-law has a Swift VDI which also runs Uni directional tyres, my cousin owns a Fabia which also runs Uni directional tyres.... while Sx4 and the Swift has severe problems with uneven tyre wear (the inside looks like it will run another 5000 kms but the outer treads are completely gone) whereas the Fabia has no such problems. All the cars have run close to 45000 kms. Now, is this a problem inherent for all the Maruti cars, the service station says it is because of the Uni directional tyres which cannot be rotated inside this really true?
  3. I totally disagree on your point about back seat comfort. There is virtually no underthigh support and I'm 5'8" and I had to put my feet under the front seats to find any thigh support at all. This is because the seat is on the shorter side to increase the legroom. Also, the back rest is a bit upright and on long journeys it will be tiresome. The rear seats are also of the hatchback type and not sedan type. You will have to sit in the back seat of an Sx4 or City to know the difference.
  4. Yes, you have made a wise decision and I'm also buying a Linea this week. I have posted another article which is a continuation of this post since I accidentally posted this topic before completion
  5. I'm giving my opinion and please see my other post which is a continuation of this since I accidentally posted it before completing it.
  6. I own and drive an Sx4 and since I'm relocating and my travelling has gone up considerably (around 5000 kms in a month now) I test drove the Linea and Vento? Vento: My town, Coimbatore, has about 80 bookings for Vento and the delivery time for this is 6 months!!! why does it take 6 months to deliver 80 cars, I seriously think that this is a ploy by Volkswagen just to show that their cars are in demand, thumbs down for the waiting period The exterior of the Vento is nowhere near exciting, it is a stateman's car but after a couple of years it will not be a head turner at all and will look very common. The other major drawback is it does not give you an upmarket status since from any angle in the front it looks like a Polo. The same for the interiors also, it looks exactly like the Polo. Now after paying almost 4 lakhs more if the interior and most of the exterior is going to look the same as a Polo why should I buy the Vento rather than the Polo. When talking about the interiors the Trendline is so ugly and plasticky I couldn't even sit in the car for few minutes, common Volkswagen how much does the chrome lining costs? A serious no no for trendline. So, the Vento fails here also.