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  1. I have a Hyundai Petrol that has run about 55000 Kms in about 4 years. Now I am looking to get a full chech up and over haul done. I have the following problems: The clutch is a little hard and the gear is a little hard. There are a little scratches on the body.(Nothing major) Now what kind of major work will this car require from here on out? What is the pros and cons vs holding this vehicle or going for a new one? I have got the tyres replaced. The car is quite responsive even now. I have no major issues. As for the paint job - If I get a paint job for the entire car it sets me back by about 40k. Hoe will this effect resale when I actually sell the car in about 2-3 years? Thanks for your time.
  2. Thanks a lot Kushal and Ramesh. I appreciate the help. Will keep in mind during my next service.
  3. I am sorry for the low detail provided in the earlier post. The following labour and services were charged: 1 Throttle body cleaning 2 Fuel injector cleaning 3 Periodic Maintenance Service 4 Brake shoe cleaning 5 Calipher pin greasing 6 Wheel balancing 7 wheel alignment The following consumables were used: 1 Oil Treatment 2 Engineoil 3 Engine decorbonizer 4 Coolant 5 Battery water 6 Wheel weight 7 Pivot shaft 8 Bumper overslam 9 Filter assy engine oil 10 hose radiator lower (required) Out of these things what are necessary every 5000 or so kilometres?
  4. Hey, I am currently driving a Hyundai Verna. It has run about 53000 Kms. I always give it to the Hyundai Official Service Center for servicing. Each time the service agent suggests extra things that are not a part of the regular servicing package of Hyundai. He says they are essential. For example this time they did wheel alignment and balancing, and various other things. Is there a guide as to what is required after what milestone of driving the car? Sometimes i get a feeling that i am being over charged.