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  1. Little information for everyone, On Parkers.co.uk it is mentioned that in UK both versions of the Cruze are on sale,The 147 bhp and 163 bhp.Mileage for both versions is the same 50 mpg for manual and 42 mpg for auto.Hope the 163 bhp cruze comes soon to India.Any updates on the date?
  2. Hi, @Hi pranab,I think that I will go for the new Cruze automatic. I will just have to wait for it Thanks everyone for the massive help
  3. Hi, @rssh I have researched failures in both gear boxes.Trust me there are many.
  4. @Dr. Nishu, You are absolutely correct....The car may not come out until the start of next year.Hope more news comes in soon. Thanks for the inputs.
  5. Hi Guys, @Pranab Thanks man ,for the information and suggestions.I test drove the fluence,but did not come out satisfied(not that its a bad car ,it just does not meet my requirement of a powerful car,Arias too big,civics petrol and yeti only comes in manual.I did consider all these cars though.thanks again. @The Speedman suggestion taken ! For two whole days I have been searching the internet for answers.Now I have come across more than one horror story of accidents about to take place because of mechatronics(DSG) failure.The links can be provided if anyone needs them. At the same time I found out That the Cruze is not as much fun to drive with its hydramatic torque converter,but its not all that bad.Plus its reliable and has minimal issues. I have heard the new 163 bhp version is being launched soon in India,When I don't know .If anyone can through more light on this then I will be very grateful.Thanks all. Regards
  6. I also spoke to a person from skoda,he said there was a problem earlier with the superb but there is no problem now...laura never had a problem.Any comments.
  7. Hi everyone ,Thanks for the inputs. @Dr. Nishu,I already have a Honda city automatic,and I did not consider the Civic because the CVT saps a lot of power.Besides I do need a diesel car cause my running is close to 2500 kms a month.Your inputs are greatly appreciated. @rsss ,there is no car like the laura DSG.It drives like a dream.Cruze is good too but not as much fun.I had decided on the Laura with the Skoda shield package .Even after the horror stories that I had read.But Then I came across this one person who had written that he escaped a major accident because the Dsg failed while driving at high speed.The whole car go jammed.I just dont know what to do .My hart says Laura but my mind is saying Cruze now
  8. Its a great car to drive ...I just drove one recently... very smooth and refined but if your buying an automatic please go through the faults with DSG transmissions.
  9. Please also let me know does the hydramatic transmission on the automatic cruze sap its power drastically or even a little bit?
  10. Thanks Pranab and rssh for your valuable inputs.And mostly Thanks to Durango Dude..... Sir I went through the link you sent me and was I shocked to see that so many people are dissatisfied with their DSG gear boxes .And not just in India but also in Europe and the UK. I was very interested in the laura dsg but now I think I shall consider the Cruze automatic. please some one tell me how is it to drive? Is it a fast and peppy car with a trouble free gearbox? Also please let me know when is the new 163 bhp version coming out? Thanks again for the inputs.
  11. Great car ,BMW is coming out with a brand new 3 series next year....does MERCEDES also have a brand new car coming in the near future?Or this is the brand new car?
  12. Hi everyone ,I am looking for a good automatic diesel saloon for myself for about 16 lakhs. I recently visited the Volkswagen showroom in Chandigarh and saw the new Jetta which I was waiting for for over six months .I was disappointed to see how much it resembles the vento.That was a big let down because I had been waiting so long to buy this car.Now due to this identical look i have taken it out of my list,besides the automatic variant costed almost 19 lakhs on road(totally out of my budget of 16-17 lakhs).Now I needed help on deciding between the two choices that are left with me....The Skoda Laura Ambiente DSG and the Cruze Auto......Now laura is a great car with the DSG ,really responsive its just the downshift that takes a little bit of time....But the ambiente comes with no goodies at all.Not even leather seats.The cruze has all the goodies but I did not enjoy driving the auto Cruze very much(maybe because I could just manage a small round in it)Now my questions: 1. Which car is better in terms of performance and drive ability ?(I have pondered over this for days ultimately I need your advice) 2. When is the new 163 Bhp Cruze arriving?Is its automatic version worth waiting for? 3. If I buy the Laura now will it be replaced soon? 4. Can I get wood interiors for the Laura ambiente as in the elegance and L&K from the market? Thanks for the help.
  13. Thanks everyone for the help and advise. I think il wait for the new jetta, if in the real world it does not look much like the vento then il go for it.Otherwise the laura's a good bet,The only issue remains about the laura being changed next year BornFree2011-07-29 17:37:03
  14. I want to buy a diesel automatic in the range of 14-18 lakhs .But I am in a dilemma .Firstly I want a great automatic transmission.And then a powerful engine.I am confused between the Laura 2.0 tdi and Cruze LTZ AT.Which car has a better automatic transmission and performance.The new Jetta seems to be around the corner.Should I wait for that?I even heard the cruze was coming up with a new model....is that worth waiting for.Please advise. Thanks. Thread moved.BornFree2011-07-29 03:22:53