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  1. Hii! I'm back after a while now, Seems there forum has changed quite a lot. Well i've been studying abroad, so im not really familiar with the recent car market in India. Out there i drive a second hand mini 1.6 2007 model. ( cars are cheap there, got it for 3750 quid ) anyway my dad is looking to replace the really old getz which is giving an horrible average these days. Mostly will be going in for a diesel car unless my sister says she will be driving which is unlikely. what are the options available? suggest both petrol and diesel but I think we are leaning towards diesel. Car will be city driven only, will be chauffeur driven day to day from home to office and around town. what else, will use it for 5 years, average is one of the highest priority. Budget not sure- around 7 lacks i suppose. My dad is keen on the polo but i want to know what are the options available ? Thanks
  2. Who knows the customs duty and tax of ordering a $1500 laptop from USA?
  3. discounts are 10% max.. Im buying a $1500 laptop, in uk the same laptop costs me 1300 GDB will lesser specs..
  4. Price Rs. 22.99 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi Highlighs - 149 bhp and 320 Nm of torque a 4X4 variant, this 6-speed automatic transmission keyless entry & ignition dual zone climate control EBD, 6 Air bags three free services up to 20,000 km Seems like a good price to me.
  5. Great to see its actually being done without any problems Watching this live on track would be insane!!!! i remember my friend had gone for the Malaysian gp and i had call him.. hearing sounds of the cars traveling on more the 200kmph was like an orgasm. Just hearing.. imaging watch it live at the race track. I would love to go but i wont be in India at that time Hopefully will go to silver stone.
  6. Any one good with laptops, Going to study to the UK, Need a good laptop of Uni work, HD Movies, New games like Modern warfare 3.. I was think Dell Xps 15.. What do you think. USA seems really cheap..Better specs for a cheaper price compared to India. Anyone knows about the customs in INDIA ? I could get it shipped to my sister and in California and then she could ship it to India as gift to me. But how much are the customs, import duty and VAT if applicable ?
  7. I think laura has started 24x7 road service for new skoda owners. I agree with rshh, Get extended warranty, i think you get 2 years + you can buy 2 more years warranty. After 3-5 yeas you must anyway sell the skoda vehicle. Also if your love power and speed and willing to sacrifice transmission, then go for Laura petrol - 160BHP!!! and its cheapest out of all. Around 12 lack mumbai, your city will be cheaper. You the rest of the money for petrol bills. Spend a little more Leather seats, Led lights, wooden panel. Also with the remaining ton a budget, you can increase you in car time entertainment. - Get GPS, IPAD2, Better speakers. Petrol laura is extremely silent to. Why don't new look at Fluence, Civic AT, Yeti, AriaPranab*2011-09-06 07:27:51
  8. Note - I haven't faced any problems with the DSG gear box or the skoda service centers, No problems, was satisfied with the customer. You need to buy the car from the right dealer.. JMD is really good.
  9. I have laura DSG ambiente since almost 2 years now Its been a pure delight.. Great car you won't regret buying. Interiors are exteriors are amazing. I was in the same dilemma as you back then. The laura Ambinte is only 110bhp, not the most powerful but good enough. It puts a smile on my face every time i drive. 1 - Cruze is far faster then the ambiente and elegance. Only the L&K could give it head to head competition - I think the new cruze will be faster that the l&k to. Though Laura RS is out today. The fastest car in its segment. The laura Rs is faster a 25lack car +.. Faster then the A4 to.. You feel me but its petrol. Cruze diesel is the fastest int he segment, But no match against the Laura RS. 2- Not sure, Maybe someone else will answer this, i recently heard a facelift happened, so i doubt there will be more changes till at least 2012. 3- I bought my laura in jan 2010.It was i think about a few months when launched. 2012 laura should be coming but can't say. 4- Yes you can get wooden interiors. That's what i did, Added Leathers seats, Wooden panel and LED lights for all 60k - I could bargain on it as i purchased in December. The sole reason i did not by the cruze is because its horribly cramped behind.. you pay so much and get space of a maruti 800. I think there have made it better but not sure. If the car is just driven by you then go for the Cruze. My friends owns one and he seems happy with it.
  10. Nice concept. 8.33 lacks per year... sounds interesting but is it worth it? I wonder if there have this for lower end cars like honda city catergory
  11. Post deleted: Double post. Note from ACI-Support: Use the edit post option instead of creating back to back posts. BornFree2011-07-22 08:27:30
  12. Post deleted: Double post. BornFree2011-07-22 08:25:42
  13. @vignesh First 2 services were free, 3rd service was expensive for i think 18k, but had to change some things to cant remember. Anyway how do you feel sitting at the back of the cruze? When i travel, it feels like im flying business, so spacious at the back @DD, If your still using limited plans, you could a download a software which dosent allow you download as per your set limit. It evens set your modem from not downloading @Vipul, What plan your using at the moment? These days forget the sleeping at nights and downloading/ Now i download a 700mb movie in less then an hour and half. Delighted with India booming on tech Three posts merged. BornFree2011-07-22 08:25:12
  14. The modem being left of hurts you really badly, I remember when i opted for airtel 8mbps with 50gb, i hadnt downloaded much.. at the end of the month, my bill came to a whooping 19000 rs!! The airtel guy was like your modem was left on which states a part of downloading. anyway there was no where i was paying that so ended up paying 3000rs and when back to my old plan. My airtel plan - 2MBPS in Day and 4mbps and night, 100% unlimited downloads for rs @ 2200+tax. Earlier use to be 2700+tax. glad airtel reduced its prices. Also 4mbps was recently introduced for free of cost.( Loyal customer i guess) I feel the plan is reasonable as > i can download / watch unlimited movies / songs. if you rent or buy a movie you pay a lot. I play online games call of duty mw2, so its demands good speed to match servers in Europe or USA. If you guys want to know how download free movies / tv shows / games / audio books / e-books etc. let me know. I dont the admins will allow.Pranab*2011-07-21 11:14:56
  15. You got plenty of options, look on to threads. Stretch you budget a little more and get New Verna fluidric.. it would be ideal
  16. These are the first spy pictures of SsangYong
  17. POST DELETED: Lets keep the personal attacks to a minimum shall we.CYRUS432011-07-20 09:55:24
  18. Does it have 1.6 engine? whats the on road price mumbai/thane
  19. Hi, I need to go to Surat ( Baruch about 60km from Surat ) for work tomorrow, How long does it take to and how are the roads getting there ? Whats a better option to drive down in my laura or to hire an innova due to bad roads and monsoons. Please advice me, thanks
  20. I think cruze also starts at 11 lacks. Skoda rapid isnt out but already got votes. I would vote of verna, its look impressive.