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  1. iPad 2 is nothing great, ipad 3 is going to be completly different. ipad 3 will be launched in october in usa. I'm waiting to buy that. @DD - What budget your looking at for your desktops. If you buy from usa it would cost a lot cheaper though if you know someone whos coming down. if you ask the company to ship then you will have a hassle with customs.
  2. RS- 5, OMG - btw how has diesel gone up ? Hybrids where are you ??
  3. Get a polo, the diesel polo 1.6 is coming out soon, or even the 1.2 diesel is good. You will get an average of around 12. My friends owns a 1.6 petrol and he gets an average of 9. Don't go for figo, it would be a step down. Even fabia is good. Polo is Indias best hatch and fits well in your budget.
  4. 11.30 lacks on road is overpriced.
  5. Driven constantly for 180kmph but top speed touched is 220kmph
  6. Great news, i was going to buy the polo next week but now i will for the new launch, between how long do you think it will be launched in ?
  7. You expect to buy the car for 15-30k ? wow if you can in that range i should pick up one to.
  8. Definitely the laura if your case. 1.8 TSI - The fastest the car in its segment, even competes with the higher segment. Sheer Power unleashed. Climate control isn't given with petrol as its the base model but if you take the diesel elegance model you will climate control. The Ac cooling is terrific in the petrol to but you have to set it manually which is not hard. Seating - Laura is extremal comfortable. Unlike the cruze in which a 5.5 feet person feels uncomfortable sitting behind. So badly cramped up. Laura petrol will cost you around 12-13 lacks on road. Diesel around 14 lacks for base model. I bought my laura in jan 2010, i sent it for servicing a couple of months back and the bill turned be rs.18000. which is not so bad. I recommend going for laura. back then i was searching like you. Cruze is an excellent car with great features, only if the back seat wasnt that cramped i would to buy the car. whats the point of paying 15 lack for a car which provides you space of a maruti 800. Go for the laura, you will find the smile on you face.
  9. The Fabia would be the best bet. Even polo. Anything German, The japs do not have a good enough suspension.
  10. Heres a link, you can your choice for second hand suv's for your budget. Captiva or crvs you wont get it at your budget unless its a 2005 model or before. Its no point buying an old suv, You shouldn't trust a stranger while spending so much money, Maintainence will be high. If you want suv, then stretch your budget. Do not buy an suv older then 4 years. Your best bet would be going in for a second accord. OR you can buy the new Cruze for your budget, Which engines give your power of a 15-20 lack car range. I really like skoda or german cars you could say, thats why i recommend it. Buy a 2008 laura for less around 6 lacks at keep 50k to 1lack for servicing over the years. You will save more.
  11. You could buy a new innova. Well with your budget you would these car - Mitsubishi Pajero Hyundai Tucson Grand Vitara Endeavour 4x4 Scorpio More cars with good status and features. Skoda laura 2006, L&K DSG gear box. Honda accord. Honda civic. Skoda superb 2005. Comfort line model. All these car will cost alot due to the number of years it ran.
  12. Gypsy's i guess, or the new vitara.
  13. Pranab*

    Cruze problem

    Did not expect this early cruze problems, a bit ahead of schedule. A good 6 more months before the complaints come, but well its GM.
  14. My accent is 10 years old now, it has done 1.10 lacks km.
  15. According to me, the best option would be Polo or fabia, either of them are really good. Only con is be ready to shell out 15k on service every year. Otherwise just buy a good second hand car. You could get a Scorpio which would be perfect for your needs. I would recommend buy a second hand Octavia, which you should get for around 4 lacks. Once you drive a German car, you will never drive a jap again.
  16. Sad one, Allways trust the brands which are already there since a while
  18. YES a Contessa, that would be perfect>> Where could i buy a second hand contessa ? @Cyrus I dont care if it ruins it on not, Will be doing it for kicks, The site on marine drive with the car jumping would be insane - lol
  19. Thanks people, but he is already booked his jetta, He is getting delivery on this Thursday.
  20. Post deleted: Posting just for the heck is best avoided. BornFree2011-03-11 04:36:43
  21. His warranty is on main Focus now, he was thinking about the 3 series but the warranty was what he is looking at. The Vw dealer told him that there will be a new jetta in october not now, is that true ? Cruze ya a good car, but your paying 14 lacks for yourself to be thrown and stuffed on the back seat.
  22. Hi! Is hydraulics available in india ?? Which car would be the most suitable if you could install hydraulics in your car. If this is possible, will be thinking of doing this with buying a second car and installing it. Would like to do Something diffrent from the rest. If those of new arent familiar, watch this video -