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  1. Hi, My friend needs help on upgrading to a better car, He has used Skoda octavia for about 6 years now and never really had problems untill the last 15 months, He was very happy for those years but then after skoda treated him badly in recent time with co-opertation, He claims skoda changed his gear box & a couple of other things, since last few months and now once again after servicing, thier say he would have to pay 1.2 lacks, After repeated amounts of payments in this last year, So now he decided to sell it and his dad discovered the hate for skoda and will never buy a skoda vehicle again. My friend was sold out on the skoda Superb but urfortunetly his dad will never buy it, He has a budget between 15-24 lacks, His dads main concern is that it should have a high warranty for atleast 4 or 5 years, Must be diesel engine, powerfull, decent enough average. His dad dosen't want a SUV, Once a month go on highways to pune/ mableshwar ( 500 km ) The car will be chaffaur driven and my friend would drive it to. His dad once in a while maybe on sundays. His dad is thinking of the VW Jetta top end model with getting a deal of a 5 year warranty. Does he have more options in this case ?
  2. According to me The best VFM Is Skoda Superb, Buy the top end model and you will enjoy Benefits of a 40 lack car. Excellent Leg room space, Feels like your flying bussiness class, Excellent interiors and exteriors, German technology like the rest, Best engine in its class, Buy the TDI Dsg box, top end model, you will enjoy, Best in its class. ( 27 lacks on road mumbai, will be cheaper in your city to around 25 lacks on road, so you save up some money to, You could buy a small car to drive short distances in the city > 1.6 polo, 7 lacks on road mumbai > think about it ) I drove the X1 and was not really very impressed, it only got the batch nothing else, I prefered the Honda Cr-v ( my opinion ) A4 im not driven it, I pretty sure the superb has a better engine and is far bigger in space. With your budget The A4, you would the a4 base tdi model ( 29lacks ex-delhi) while you would get the top end superb in 26 lacks. Another option would be accord but i guess you would want the germans like i do, If you like speed then accord is a good choice > 3.6lt V6 engine. I would stick with the germans, puts a smile of my face. Well You could also get the X3 Base model which would fit in your budget. So lets lay down all your options of your budget - All prices EX-Showroom Delhi Honda New Accord 3.5 V6 Inspire 26,96,721 Nissan X-Trail SLX AT 25,08,000 Nissan Teana XV 25,40,000 Toyota Camry A/T with Moonroof 23,73,170 BMW X1 sDrive 20d Exclusive 29,90,000 Honda CR-V 2.4L 4WD AT 24,40,000 Skoda Superb 3.6 TFSI 26,38,282 BMW 3 Series 320d Highline 30,50,000 Mercedes-Benz New C-Class C 220 CDI Elegance AT 30,30, BMW X3 3.0si 27,00,000 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI 29,02,000 Increase your budget abit more - Land Rover Freelander 2 S 33,80, BMW 5 Series 520 d 36,90,000
  3. There a rare " Pink " ambassador in mumbai, keep seeing it around kemps korner side, next time if i see it will take a pic
  4. Its been little over one year since I got my laura, couple of weeks back I sent it for my first servicing, The cars runs very smoothly, no problems except this one - Yesterday I was at this parking lot and had to make a complete u-turn, i noticed when turning the steereing wheel to its extent, it was making some sound, felt wierd! I turned again and that sound of turning was there, Never faced this issue before ? Also when I press my brakes the car makes noise from behind or something, the break noise has always been there.. Just wondering if this is normal ?No salutation please. Spelling & punctuation corrected: MOD sgiitk2011-02-11 08:19:10
  5. yes there is at kharghar >> not reclemation, couple of friends went yesterday early morning
  6. Dear admins / mod, How do i get tickets for the ACI speed run at Kharghar ( New bombay ) which is happening today and tommorow > 22nd & 23rd jan. I know there is a free section but thats just terribly crowded! if some how i could buy the vip section passes, please do let me know
  7. Hi, 1) consider and suv or muv to ? Aria is very good choice. 2) Laura and cruze, both have good boot space, Both have really good engines Well if you need space for 5 people, then its laura because cruze cars back seating space is horrible, was very un-comfortable for even 2 people sitting behind. 3) You dont care for resale, but the laura even after years will give you an brilliant resale value. 4) Maintanince, yes for skoda its abit high, but driving quality automobiles, so its abit high, its tottaly worth it. Cruze will also be high after 3 years. 5 ) laura will give you amazing average specially on highways, i get an aveage of 17 on highway on my diesel laura. close your eyes and go for laura or orther than that consider suvs or muv.
  8. What is the new delivery period for the polo ? Im looking to buy the polo for my sister, Main concern is she wants automatic, so polo is the best choice as fabia dosent have automatic.
  9. Hold your Horses if you can, The dream the wonderland, The Kings of Kings is coming soon. Skoda Laura RS Expected in March 2011 Estimated price: Rs 15-17lakh Skoda plans to get their super performer the Laura RS (known as the Octavia RS in international markets). The Laura RS has a 2.0TSI engine which produces a whooping power of 200bhp and was seen in India at the performance show November 2009 in Mumbai and even at the Auto Expo'10 in New Delhi. The Laura RS will be car for performance enthusiasts. The Laura RS might come with six-speed manual or six-speed auto DSG box. the car also sports alloy pedals and light weight Neptune alloy wheels.
  10. I think like 6 months back i heard the Vw Passat had become 19 lacks for the petrol tsi engine. If you can stretch your budget your passing a class above accord.
  11. Dont go and buy a second hand its not worth it. A new car is more joy. Close your eyes and openly for go for tsi! I did full research about this last year and i settled with laura. Laura tsi has less features and horrible seat covers, so be sure to spend a little more money. L&k model seat covers. Also i put Led lights which makes a big diffrence and makes the car look classy to. whole thing will cost about 60k. ------------------------------------------------------- One more thing, if you love speed and power and if you are the only person going to be driving the car then i must say consider the chevy cruze, mad powerfull car to. cruze was my second after laura, Only con in the cruze is the back seats are cramped up.
  12. Dude, if they abuse you then you abuse back! dont let them bully you. if it not your fault then speak up man, dont wussy out. These things are very common in all cities in india. Specially mumbai. If you start getting bullied now then you will be bullied all your life. This is not about the road, it about yourself in general. Learn to man up.
  13. Edit - Most people here are Skodas haters so they woudnt gave you any pros about it. Yes skoda had bad service history but they have improved, it been almost a year now and i really love my car, havent had a single problem till date! If your buying it from mumbai then buy it from JMD dealer, its good service. Also Skoda december Discounts, you can get upto 1 lack off! and you may also take thane dilivery which is another 70k less. You need upgade the seat covers and couple of more things for 60 k which will make it as good as the elegance model. All my life i have driven honda and hyundai cars, Now i drive german and will never go back to japs. Trust me on this, Thank me later.
  14. Dude go for laura, NOTHING LIKE IT! I love my laura and the german engineering, You will definetly get that smile on your face. The interiors, exteriors, quality, Engine as far better. You can almost compete with a porche with the tsi engine. Its more like your flying. Civic, i didnt really like it, it may be spacious but its to low!!! again its japs vs germans. Logic says germans wins.
  15. When is this car expected ? Im looking foward to this..
  16. Which company is this again ? Anyway a 220 bhp would be prices less then 15 lacks + its an suv.. so i guess between 15-18 lacks bracket..
  17. I think the xylo is around 8 lacks, if im not mistaken.
  18. My laura is showing low oil signal, checked it and its quite low. Which oil should i use ? Purchased the car in jan 2010, never had a single problem till now... anyway which oil should i purchase ?
  19. Stretch your budget and go for scorpio or innova, you wont regret it as it is ideal for for you
  20. Hi, i couldnt find another thread for luara so im posting it here.. My skoda laura TDi is about 9 months old now, its ran about 6000 kms.. when im i suppose to service it ?
  21. With those interiors... its not worth more then 12 lacks..
  22. wow the wagon-R really looks good with the skoda bumper and badge..
  23. Welcome to ACI Forums, enjoy your stay.