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  1. Arent you in the construction line... these things happen.. some must have dropped from high levels
  2. Lot of people in here hating the the tata batch, i dont thinks it so bad. My vote - safety concerns
  3. May this Dasara, light up for you. The hopes of Happy times, And dreams for a year full of smiles! Wish you Happy Dasara.
  4. When is the yeti and rvr expected ? and how much would it be the pricing bracket. Also what average is the Aria giving ?
  5. Budget can be increased by a couple of lacks if the car is worth is, My dad saw the aria and was very impressed by it. He is the innova fan but now hes keeping his options open. Can i get to know the diffrence between all 4 varients ? do all of them have cruise control and gps ?
  6. Becuase i want to use the laura as a occasion car, like for parties, weddings etc. The way to my facotory has a lot of muddy/ dirty roads, or what we say kaccha roads, dont want to spoil the laura.
  7. Accents are sold in the europe, I have seent he accent viva there, Even alto and safari, i have seen in scotland, glasgow.
  8. I think i will be going for the Aria, i never ever thought i would get a tata... times really change. This is looking like perfect vehicle for my purpose.
  9. correct point number 3 - One hour from domestic airport.
  10. Hi driftpunk, im from mumbai/ 1- The domestic airport and international airport (csi) are diffrent airports about 30 mins from each other. ( Just for your knowledge, the runway is the same for both ) Im not really sure where is iit, but i think its in powai, so that would about an hour from the domestic airport > depending on the traffic. 3- Well i dont know about the rest, but Saki naka is very close to the international airport. ( Half hour from IIT Bombay and also half hour approx from domestic airport )
  11. Im allready buying a hatch back for my sister ( what ever she chooses, it would be polo or micra according to me ) as she is coming back from the uk after her studies. So i really dont want another car as i aslo own a getz. Im very impressed with the Aria, on monday i booked my testdrive for it. The car will be chaffuer driven.
  12. I dont think budget will really put a major factor, i could stretch because the car would a business utility vehicle, so no issues for budget, little more then 12 lacks is fine to.
  13. Hi Petrol heads, how are you guys doing. Im Back after almost a year now, thank you all for sharing your comments earlier on which car to buy, I had bought the laura TDI AT, loving the car Anyway now i need to buy a car for driving to surbarbs, basicly i stay in south bombay, Since i have started working these days, i travel alot to the factories which are at virar, vasai and daman etc.Im very much tired of traveling by train. My running would be about twice or thrice a week to factories, so about around 500kms a week. Im looking for a diesel engine as good as the laura tdi, Budget would in the 10 - 12 lacks segment. Average of the car is one of the first priority im looking at. I want something good for the horrible bumby roads or dirt roads. It should be very comfortbale, good in-car entertainment, extremly good ac cooling. Also other ascessories like led lights. I was very impressed with dc innova in mumbai domestic airport. i think this sums it up. So what are my options ? Innova, very much open to it but i feel its an old car now, scorpio > my dad dosent admire it. xylo > ugly. I heard some new tata is coming out.. thanks in advance for your help.