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  1. Here is on of the pictures of Interior of i20.
  2. Good Morning. Can some one please confirm how to post pictures here on forum?
  3. Thanks a lot to all of you for kind wishes. I was busy in office due to meetings, so not able to revert on time. Buying Experience-- Its a quite pleasure one with LR hundai at Kaithal. Since March'10- i was thinking to change my Alto to Swift VDI. All time when i used to visit Maruti dealer- waiting period is from 2-3 months. Still I want to go for Swift. One day in last week of August- i was on phone with one of friend & discussing about cars. He insists me to atleast go for i20, TD it & than you will realize the difference. on 29th of Aug.- I approached the dealer & on came to know that they do not have TD vehicle for I20 Crdi. Also, same waiting period for i20 crdi as well. But still they insists me to TD Petrol one. Same day test drive was offered & its Asta Model in White Colour. As soon as i sit in the car- I was totally in love with Interior, features( I think no car is offering this much in this segment) & space. Although - Petrol is somehow under powered & after driving the same about 8-10 km's. I am not sure to go with diesel or not. on 1st of Sep.'10- I got a call that they have i20 crdi for test drive. I was very happy after driving this diesel giant- features are same as Petrol variant, engine is good & car looks stunning at first glance. I had booked my car on 2nd of Sep.'10 & got the Delivery on 8th of Oct.'10. When i was there at showroom to get the car, its just took half an hour to complete all formalities & hand over the key to me. I am quite satisfied till date with car & really love to drive. Freebies , i got as - Matting, Mud Flap, Taff lon, Anti Rust Coating, Body Cover, Idol. for Pictures- My Brother is enjoying the driving now a day for i20 & out of town. Will post as soon as i have it. Once again, thanks a lot for your views & wishes. One clarificatio- As i am new to Automatic Climate Control- can you please explain me how it works? as sometimes- i feel that AC is not as effecive as it would be, but sometimes- It chills the cabin with in few minutes.
  4. Thanks a lot to all & also for providing views on speed. I also driving the car in same way. Till now, top speed clicked was 130 in highway. Still miles to go.......
  5. I also agree with rahul-even20 is fully loaded with fatures & not feels like hatchback. Fully spacious & comfortable car to drive.
  6. Also- Dear Members, can you please clarify what maximum speed can we have in I20 before 1st service as showroom guys not to have a high speed before 1st service because engine is new & still not ready for high RPM's.
  7. Thanks Tushar. Yes it includes a long trip for marriage of one friend. Also, my office is 50 Kms (one side) away from my home.
  8. Dear Members, I am just new to this forum & happy to see experts here expressing thier views. By the way- I had just gor by white beauty- I20 1.4 Crdi on 8th Of Oct.10 & till date , run more than 1300 Km. Quite Excited Drive till now. Request you to please provide your expert review for the same & help me with driving tips.