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  1. I have to Totally agree with RAHUL & ASETHI. @Tushar - The Punto has ravishing reviews for its Ride Handling.Rahul has a point here. @Dr.Nishu - thanks for the info. \m/__\m/
  2. The Ritz does look huge...if driven by a lady, the Beat would definetly suit her, but its not the best choice, especially considering the low resale value for chevrolets. The i10 1.2 sounds to be the best choice for you, & i dont think it would overshoot your budget by much, do test drive it. \m/__\m/
  3. There was a riot going on when the New Activa had launched, because everyone wanted it in white. And you have to agree it looks outstanding in white.But they charge you an extra 7-8k for the white one. It cost my friend 66k on road (white)....wheras the Honda Unicorn is priced at 69k on road.
  4. @Dr. Nishu - Theres no 1.6 variant in i20. Toyota plans to launch the Etios Sedan in December end or Jan 2011, The Hatch is not expected to be launched before the Mid 2011. The Etios Sedan looks very similar to the cheap Renault Logan.Hatch is decent looking,but I cant wait for another 8-9months. @ Nikvint - Thanks, thats a nice suggestion. ANYONE HAS AN IDEA AS TO WHEN IS THE I20 VTVT ENGINE GOING TO LAUNCH??? & WHEN ARE THE ALL NEW SWIFTS BOOKINGS GOING TO START?? \m/__\m/
  5. New Honda Activa - SERIOUSLY OVER PRICED. A gearless being sold for nearly the price of an Unicorn. Suzuki Access is very nice, but the self-start does start giving problem after a year or so. Honda Deo is the most sport gearless bike iv seen, even though the new Activa is the best gearless, but check out the price.
  6. im planning to buy a premium hatch, did shortlist the punto 1.2 emoiton, but the after sales hs been forcing me not to go for it. Have you driven it on long trips??...i have heard its turbo seriously lags power.
  7. AUDI has di most elegant headlights
  8. since how long have been driving it?? & which punto variant do you own??
  9. @ Mr.Sgiitk - il keep that in mind. @ Cyrus - The Civic gets into the luxury segment. The RS is one of the best sedans to ever hit the indian roads,but the spares cost more than a C Class Merc. @Gego&Bones - That is the only reason im afraid to buy the Punto...bro. The Polo is a lil overpriced with no features to offer. The over pricing if being done due to the VW tag.(Even though its the Nano of Europe) For the 1.6 Polo id have to shell out a good 1.5 lakh more. The Fabia flopped miserably at the market after its launch. I know the new refined Fabia has been launched, which has been getting very good reviews, but i am quite aware that Scoda spare parts are costlier than a Merc's spares. The Ford Fiesta is firstly a FORD (against whom i hold a prejudice) its a nice car, but then again its costing me a good 6.90L on-road. (Im not in a position to spend more than 6L as of now) Im getting mixed reviews for the i20.....actually iv always seen mixed reviews for the i20. The new Swift is not likely to launch in 2010.The exteriors havent been worked on much. I would love to see whats Engine specifications do they change.
  10. THANKS FOR UR SUGGESTIONS MATES. iv gone through all ur replies, il just post my opinion here, di knowledge i posses, n also some further queries.... The Ford Figo no wonder is a gud car, but its a Ford, a Ford in India is famous for 'THE GARAGE GUY DRIVES IT MORE THAN YOU DO'...The new i10 lacks boot space,leg room, & the interiors luk like Santro. The reason im going in again for a 1.2 is the budget im stuck with. I totally have to agree with u guys that the Honda Jazz is the best hatch in town, but its a lil overpriced, i wouldnt pay 7.5-8Lakhs for a hatch,if i can get a sedan like a Fiat Linea, or Honda City IVTEC (8.5L) I cannot go for a pre-owned car as my family doesnt agree, they wanna go for a new one. Plus i cannot afford to maintain a Honda Civic like car, which wud literally drink petrol. I was pretty excited bout the All New Swift, but the first look dint excite me, all they have done with the looks is, Strech the Head Lights towards the back,& Strech the tail lights towards the front. (Indica Vista like) The Nissan Micra is once again a 3cylinder, smallish car. Its a lil peppy, which wud really suit an office going girl;). The Ritz, first of all looks as if its been banged from the behind, even before its outta the showroom. It was my dads choice to go for it. Its a nice car to drive, but not the most comfortable one. The gear box is placed at a very uncomfortable level. I feel uneasy if im out for a long drive. WILL THE 'VTVT' ENGINE BE LAUNCHED IN THIS YEAR?? ANY IDEA WHEN ITS GONNA BE HITTING THE ROADS FOLKS?? Im very confused between the Punto 1.2 Emotion (ABS) & i20 1.2 Magna. When I went to take the TD of the i20, the sales guys was literally pleading me to drive carefully....as i was rigorously testing the pickup, which dint excite me. I guess il have to sacrifice on the power, as no 1.2 can gimme that, but i hope i atlest get the other pleasure of driving a car
  11. Im planin 2 buy a premium hatchback in about 8-10 days.I currently own an Esteem & a Ritz. Am not 2 satisfied wid di Ritz, even though i still prefer driving the Esteem, which has a superb pickup. I have shortlisted the i20 1.2L Petrol , the Grande Punto 1.2L P , & the Polo 1.2 P. as my budget cannot exceed 6L. I have only testdrivin the i20 uptil now. it was a good experience, but i cud feel the lack of power compared to my 1.3L Esteem. The Punto though a very good car for its class, has been famous for very poor after sales service, as TATA looks after the after sales. The Polo gives less than basic features in its 1.2L Comfrontline, which is costing me 20k more than the i20 & the Punto, but I dont even get a music system with it. The Punto 1.2 Emotion tempts me cause its packed with a hell lotta features. its costing me about 5.72L (on-road mum) just 3k less than the i20 Magna, but has features like ABS,ELECTRONIC FOLDING MIRRORS, RAIN SENSING VIPERS,REAR VIPERS to name a few which r not added in the i20. But I personally like the i20's looks a lil better than the Punto's. (LETS NOT CONSIDER POLO, AS ITS VIRTUALLY GIVING NOTHING, PLUS ITS A 3 CYLINDER) Im not going for a Diesel cause my running is not more than 500-600km per month, so that that made me rule out a diesel which I cudnt utilise after shelling out an extra Lakh rupees. So guys whoever owns A HYUNDAI I20 , FIAT GRANDE PUNTO , OR VOLKSWAGON POLO do help me out, other car fanatics opinions r also welcome.