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  1. Thanks all or your comments. @sb-alto My priority is rear seat comfort as I need a car more for weekend drives with my family @Durango I have dilly dallied for more than 6 months so dont want to wait any more. I have finally decided on the Figo. Since there is a long wait for the Swift by the time it arrives I will have second thoughts as the new version will be around the corner. Also, the amount of accessories that Figo offers makes it VFM in my opinion.
  2. Hi All, I am in a dilema. I am thinking of buying petrol since my daily commute is less. I have shortlisted the Figo and the Swift. The Figo comes fully loaded at the price of Swift Vxi. Also the Swift has a waiting of about 2 months. On the other hand, its a Maruti so no worries for ASS. Plus its a drivers car and the mileage is better. Please help me decide. I already own a Zen which I intend to keep for some time.