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  1. It hasn't being mentioned specifically for india...Also regarding engine noise is oil really the culprit??Can you suggest other mineral oil brands which are available in 20W40 grade??
  2. I currently own i10 irde2 car..i have been getting the car serviced at HASS..the mechanic at HASS told that hyundai recommends 20W40 oil for i10 cars including kappa.. In manual it they have recommended the 5W30 grade engine oil..Although i saw this grade of engine oil is available in the market,then when i pointed this to SA he politely said its not for this car.. Also car's engine seems to be making lot of noise as its being run on friend had told the oil could be culprit... Please recommend grade&whether by going for semi synt would make any difference?
  3. Sorry for OT,i love alto&old zen from maruti,now that alto k10 has being launched it reminds me of old zen..
  4. This is an update- first i would like to wish all members of ACI a happy new year!Had been busy with my college exams all this while so coudnt login for wuite sometime.Also recently made trip to shirdi. Now am looking at buying total quartz 5000now i need to know is this mineral oil or semi synth oil?Am planning to go for mineral oil for first 10k kms..Also car seems to rattle a lot these days,also reverse gear is not getting engaged properly..this problems seems to have cropped up recently after drive to shirdi also noticed mileage around 11kmpl,had got around 14 on highways..whats wrong with the mileage,this is with AC being used very rarely..Going to give to for first service this week after it crosses 1.2k..
  5. I am aware they would be cheaper but still want to confirm so that am not taken for a ride by dealer. Regarding the oil change which am going to do after 1k, have decided on magnatec or elf oil. I hope I made the right decision with engine oil. Note from Mod: Use capital letters where required & avoid using "...." within sentences.BornFree2010-12-09 09:36:23
  6. i feel the rear has been inspired from micra..
  7. im from those 2%,who has gone for gold...but i do like the color..
  8. neatly done with skilled workers..time to make friends with roadside mechanics i think..
  9. @members..can someone tell me where to get spare parts price list for hyundai cars?
  10. Would be interested in electric version of it going to be launched or is it scrapped?
  11. @sb..very good thread..enjoyed it..what is the FE you get in B2B traffic?
  12. bro,she wasnt driving with her engine off,it was while coming from peddar road she got stuck in traffic,so she decided to turn off the engine..also thanks for clarifying my doubt.. @bala..i have told her the same..thanks..
  13. Thank all fellow members for their suggestions&have finally bought i10.. i need some suggestions regarding the following- 1)Is engine oil change necessary during the 1st service?Please suggest some good engine oil or shall i tell the service centre to go ahead with their preferred one? 2)I observed some decrease in coolant level today..does that mean the engine is overheating?please recommend the brand for the same? 3)Also my sister complained that brakes isnt working effectively when is car's engine is switched off,what could be the reason for this? Thanks all...
  14. some more doubts please pardon for my ignorance...i need to know how many years warranty on battery&tyres?i am being told its 1year..?? am not being given any warranty card for battery...
  15. heres the first pix of i10...