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  1. i am not sure' date='but i dont think many of us have been contacted through email.are you sure you didnot missed any of the calls.was your phone reachable?[/quote'] Ankit, andydandy sent 4 emails to ACI and not the ACI sent him. my point is that mostly they have contacted us through phone/sms.i dont know whether any of the members have been contacted through email.
  2. i am not sure,but i dont think many of us have been contacted through email.are you sure you didnot missed any of the calls.was your phone reachable?
  3. what i want to say is that the extra 75000 is attached to the diesel car.when you sell the car you get it back.
  4. guys i think you all are missing some points here the initial cost difference between swift(P) and swift(D) is around 75000 now if you are buying the car in cash (full)the only loss is the interest on that 75000. the saving is around 1.5 per km so,that can be easily recovered (wrt to interest,and service cost)in 10000km-12000km. the resale of a similar model diesel swift with same running as a swift petrol has a difference of 75000 only.this info. is from the situation will however change if you buy car on EMI.the emi would cost you more,so the running must be justified in that case.
  5. not sure but i think you are talking about some humming sound,which comes when you gearshift early. like we used to do in petrol engines, try shifting the gears at a higher speed (5-7km/hr+)the sound will not come.
  6. I think it depends on you usage,diesel maintainence is not that expensive. go for a new car,swift ddis/palio mjd.i doubt you will get a good "flashy" second hand car.
  7. i m not sure,at around 1800 rpm the turbo kicks in.are you talking about that?
  8. you can increase the idv of your car.the only effect would be high 2002 santro had same idv last yr i.e 1.55 was same this yr too. the value of car is entirely for your satisfaction.
  9. i have a similar problem with my dzire.there is suspension noise(khatak)whenever the wheel goes through a pot hole.i reduced the tyre pressure and now dont face the problem. actually the wheel bounces if you follow the recc.tyre pressure
  10. have youa nything in writing with respect to the waiting period.if you want i give you some email ids ,write to them and tell them the whole story.I have a swift dzire and the dealership was AAA VEHICLEADES IN was a new dealership and i was the 2nd person to book the car there,but at the time of delivery mine was the 17th car.vehicleades is of the same group i guess
  11. mods what happened to the stickers was to be made long time before.
  12. how can the sports edition be spacious.?? OT:THE image on the thread takes us to cant we have a image from maruti site ??
  13. i think you report about this to skoda.the dealer is at fault since it has been only two days after your service,i think many of the members would be having email address of skoda
  14. since maruti is producing cars in GURGAON i think the taxes/freight will be the minimum there.same in for guwahati,i think it is because of the area +the taxes imposed by the govt.