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  1. next year can also be january -february 2008
  2. mine::delhi -agra,santro zip plus 100km/hr+ and occaisionally 120km/hr+ good roads,very less traffic
  3. here it is
  4. dude why fabia ...when we are discussing ""maruti`s plan "".fabia has its own thread
  5. then how would you differentiaite between a petrol model and a diesel model ..considering that the badging is same for both
  6. why logan when the budget is around 7.5 lakhs... i know verna is a good car ....but except for the power it can be compared to fiesta in every aspect. make full use of your budget :::i will say that final choice should be between fiesta and verna
  7. what exactly are the models of getz diesel(i mean like the santro has xo,xk) is there any different coding for the models or it is same as the petrol version
  8. i am not sure about the launch date ...but they will surely show us the car in the jan at the auto expo.
  9. why not ford fiesta ???will be in your budget,has good fuel efficiency...i knw that ford after sales service is not good but then ...there are very few choices in diesel segement
  10. i think we should create a separate thread for advt. we are deviating from the topic now
  11. gypsy is not being demanded by the people.its the airforce,army,police,and few organisations which have been demanding gypsy.otherwise it would have been phased out very early. why no diesel engine--.>> even i dont know much about that>>>
  12. jimny will only come to india when they have launched the replacement of the esteem and wagon r .so this means another one and half years .gypsy is a very good car ,the only problem is the diesel engine which maruti doesnot have.
  13. i think if you want complete peace of mind its better that you pay some amount of extra money for the satisfaction.
  14. guys add another segement b/w tata safari,toyota innova,mahindra scorpio,and chevrolet tavera.[MUV/SUV lower category]
  15. no answer from my side Note From Admin: Then why post? Please donot post for the sake of posting. FuelRunGod2007-11-11 17:29:32
  16. the baleno advt which had samir soni as the boss....was one of the good advt.the versa ad with the bachchans was a failure. ankit.jhamb2007-11-11 15:18:17
  17. skoda cars have a good reliability ...and can match the hondas and toyotas for sure
  18. is it so ...i thought petrol was a much refined fuel as compaered to the diesel
  19. yup getz should match the swift in every aspect ....otherwise there are very few people who want performance ....INDIAN market is a VALUE FOR MONEY MARKET ..
  20. skoda will charge some amount for its brand guys .... they cant give you a fabia at the price of swift a marginal increase in the price is fine/good.but above 7 lakhs OTR ....they will be loosing customers
  21. this means that the service intervals are same as the petrol varient
  22. ok agreed they have changed the engine ...but what abt the quality.the plastic used,the noise,the AFTER SALES SERVICE