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  1. ya ,double sales but still havent seen one on the road
  2. i10 swift sx4 octavia endeavour
  3. advt. is one area where maruti`s have always been lazy.i think they should start aggresive advt of all their models...with some brand ambassador to promote sales
  4. i thought the diesel engine require service at every 5000kms???
  5. btw,any memebr who has booked i10....plz post your reviews
  6. 30% fuel efficiency ,,and paying 90k more for a diesel varient ....
  7. also there was an interview of maruti s MD Mr JAGDISH KHATTAR that maruti would be launcing atleast one new model in the indian market
  8. it would be a replacement for wagon r
  9. running cost is low ...highway fuel effiency ::i remember my indica doing around 370 kms (shimla to delhi)for just diesel of RS 400.around
  10. fabia diesel pricing is one of the key aspects ...i think ny pricing it between the swift D and the GETZ d they would be abole to pull the sales well...anything above the price of getz diesel would be harmful for the sales of the vehicle
  11. what i feel that the i10 is b/w the santr,wagaon r and the swift /getz segment the i10 is not a competitor to wagon r or swift .....because you cant put the i10 i a particular segement( B OR B+)
  12. plz tell me the exact service schedule of swift diesel as recommended by maruti.... what is the service intervals(5000kms or 10000kms )for reglar service
  13. yaa diesel is cheap ,just because of the subsidy..otherwise there would have been no difference in the price and hence no confusion wrt petrol/diesel
  14. i think hyundai must give some discounts to bring the price down ...other getzD would not be able to gain much sales in the future
  15. honda city can feel the heat now...well done SX4
  16. hey is there any difference b/w the spice and the ""fun""
  17. is there any hange in price ...arethey giving discounts on the old /normal model now
  18. for me wagonr santro zen spark/palio alto xeta
  19. contd... i think indica can be a good car if it is maintained properly.cost cutting is too much on that car .