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  1. well i would like to add here that such there are few pros and cons of indica.i had indica with me for 2.5 yrs,45000kms. advantages being :spacious (back seat with good legroom).fuel efficient(14-15kmpl in city)fun to drive disadvantages::poor service by authorised centers ,,noisy engine,,poor plastic quality
  2. hey what were the sales of honda city during the last month ,,if any of the members could proide us with details
  3. moderators :plz merge the thread to avoid confusion
  4. for me ,its the ford escort ,didnt have much life in the market though.but i don t lke it at all
  5. my vote goes to the skoda octavia,has good FE,and one of my fav.
  6. yup,even i feel so.getz diesel was launched to compete with the swift diesel.but due to the price it has very few takers in the market who would be spending 6 lakhs+ OTR ,FOR A HATCHBACK
  7. i knw bt considering the wait (in months)and the discounts which is around 25k in delhi
  8. hey sreaky did you pay for the first service ???since you were late. also take up the issue with maruti ,i have email adress of top official so you can contact me for any help.. the car is in warranty because the service was done at the authoriesd station..SO DONT WORRY .visiting 3 times means watage of lot if money and time ....
  9. hey nice review BTW why do you ahve yellow numberplates for your car ???is it a commercial vehicle (cab)??
  10. i think there is no external difference in the VXi and the VDi.But i think you shold keep a few points in mind while buying the car (vdi) your average running ,if it is above 1200kms then diesel is for you.if you have lower running than that ,then you must reconsider your decision to buy a diesel. you will be paying an additional 1.5 laks for a diesel +the waiting period (in months).so its better if you know whther you will be able to get the economy in diesel or not (in terms of initial cost and waiting period)
  11. even i think that it will not just be the swift with boot as esteem `s replacemnt. but i have a few questions --will it be the laina or the swift(boot) for the replacement of esteem?? --if it is the liana then what will happen to the launch of swift (boot)in january --if the swift is launched wont it hamper the sales of SX4 considering that the design is similar
  12. hey spark is a good car but not sure abt the space requirements ...i think considering your budget the wagon r will be the best option
  13. what abt the fabia ...was due a couple of years back.
  14. not to sure abt the suzuki splash i think wagon r replacement is due (splash) the swift sedan.dont knw whther maruti has stopped the production of esteem
  15. yes the news said that the the new c segment vehicle will bw based on swift platform and will be launched in january at the auto expo
  16. yes,saw this on ndtv news yesterday (breaking news )
  17. oh yes ,the new car will be launched in january next year (auto expo).the pics of that car are available on google images