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  1. It was the tie rod that broke first , as my driver was unable to turn to avoid a car in the front.The Steering control was completely lost. Since it was heavy traffice, the accident was not heavy, it brushed the car in front and can to a halt hitting the median. My entire family was in the car and the speed was not more than 30 - 40 km/hr. I have a full time driver.He is over 20 years experienced.
  2. I pruchased a new Ford Fiesta from Chennai Ford. In just 4 months , the Tie Rod, the rod that connects the Steering and the wheel was broken and the car came to a halt after hitting another Car.Since it was heavy traffice , the speed I travelled was just 30 km/hr. I drive the car daily to my office and have never hit any other vehicle or got involved in any accident. I am surprised how in a brand new car , such a problem can occur. On talking to Chennai Ford or Ford, they say that rod was broken because It hit something on the road. Can a new car have such a Sub Standard Tie Rod ? Would like to know reason for a Tie Rod Getting broken so easily from experience Car Experts in this Forum. Kindly provide me you thoughts on the importance of this Tie Rod and the conditions in which this could break ?
  3. I bought a Ford Fiesta ZXI Disel model from Chennai Ford 4 months back. Problem 1: During the initial drive we found that the Rear Doors were giving a rattling noise when we drive on the highway. When we complained this to Chennai Ford they didnt respond well and I called for Ford and their Engineer told that the Door alignment was not proper and it was a manufacturing issue. They Fixed the issue. Problem 2: Just a month later, while we were driving to office, the Steering rod that connects to the right wheel for cut but the thread joint and we escaped a major accident. During the 1st service, we had also complained about other minor problem wrt the wiper, mirrors, headlights, door beadings etc. I am shocked and dissapointed by the quality and safety that Ford had delivered to me and also had put my entire family in a very dangerous situation.Couldnt imgine had it happened on a highway. This has caused a severe mental agony to my family.The response from Chennai Ford is irritating and Ford is not willing to take any responsibility. I called up ford and they just blindly say that once you purchased the vehicle its all my problem and Ford is not responsible for that. I feel cheated and dissappointed. I feel all my 8.5 lac rupees (not even a single ruppee i gave then was a fake currency or a useless currency ) that I paid out of my hard work is og waste and I feel terrible cheated. They sold me a car full of defects and now they are not providing me any help or assistance. Kindly let me know what I must do. I want Ford to recall my car back and provide value for my money.