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  1. dear all, thanks for the good feedback, i agree with u all not to opt for optra. i m looking for only petrol city - undisputed leader VW - good brand, service dealer ship network could be issue, spare parts could be expensive, yet to get feedback on petrol Vento linea - good techie car, yet to perform on road etios - could be good competition to city
  2. its optra petrol 1.6LT - new price 9L on road
  3. i hv taekn TD on fiesta, aveo, city, optra. no doubt city is the best in C segment, at the same time i found optra C+ segment car with new price from October costing <city . i m connfused between city and optra as optra looks good, but not getting confidence as there are very few vehicles on road and also not many good reviews available on otpra. i look forward some experience of good cars from people