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  1. hey Sri, I defintely recommend i10 - Great little car as described by a female friend who recently bought one...she just loves it....And I myself own an i10 for the last 3 years, definitely second that....Easy to manoeuvre even for ladies..Great Interiors...And with the Next-gen also great features... Ritz - Good Car, but definitely head to head, overall i10 would still be better Beat - Best Features in the segment...its a chevvy..so no maintainence worries for 3 yrs....but after that, service and parts could be a concern....and also resale value may be a concern... A-star - Still would say its in a segment lower when compared to to i10-Ritz...so definitely can get more safety features like ABS and AirBags at the same price... So overall, i10 would definitely be the safest choice as per me... All the best...Happy Driving
  2. Hey Krishna, Agree with most folks here, its a big No for Optra...reasons being...its become old now, long term reliability, resale value not good for chevvy....no great performer... Would Recommend: -> Honda City - definitely the king of this segment. Perfect All Rounder. -> If want something different then, VW Vento - Good overall car, but spares may be a concern. Definitely if looking for a diesel then this may be the car for you. -> Also definetely Linea T-Jet is a good option