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  1. Review on the Audio system ----------------------------- Awesome performance both over USB and FM. The bass response on "energy mode" is spectacular. Many a times i thought that there is a Sub woofer also there in the car!!!!. The system is having SVC logic but i never got a chance to feel it. Another important thing i noticed was the is no rattling/vibrations even at a very high volume. The cross over is distributing the bass, mid and high frequencies perfectly. The high frequencies are very well differentiated from tutors. I did not feel listening fatigue even after hearing tehmusic for a prooned period. Awesome!! Heard from dealer that the head unit is from Mitsubhishi and speakers from JBL. That may be the reason behind this very very very good music experience.
  2. Anybody there to please help to check out a projector headlight with CCFL angel eye and internal LED stripe (like audi) for my new ANHC car. It will be a big help if price information also provided.
  3. More mileage review!! Pure highway driving - 17.8 KPL Average RPM - 1200 Average Speed - 55-60KMPH A/C - Full time No of persons - 3 Mixed - around 300 KM Mileage - 13.9 KPL. Average RPM - 1700 Average Speed - 45-50 KMPH A/C- Full Time No of Persons - 4
  4. The OEM front grill is changed to Genuine Hinda Mugen front grill. This is an accessory available from Honda for 15K. This changethe over all look of the car. Good one.
  5. Thanks a lot buddy. I am able to make it with your help. Please enjoy the pics.!!
  6. Pics posted. Will post more in due course. Extras: 1. Garware sun film (50%) - free of charge 2. Under body anti rust coating - free of charge 3. Body coating - free of charge 4. Genuine Honda tight fit beige art leather seat cover (arm rest [F&R] , door fabric covered also) - Free of charge against price of free Reverse parking sensor and discount on front grill. 5. Mugen Front grill - 15000/- (It chnage the over all look of the car. The only external styling accessory which make sense) Dealership experience Excellent till this date. I am the fourth guy on a row this year, who purchased Honda city from my company from the same dealer (same sales person). Mileage: All figures are against 100% ac and rpm below 2K , D mode and minimal paddle operation. Bumper to bumper city : 9.5 to 10.5 kpl Mixed : City & Highway : 11.5 to 13 kpl Highway: i did not get a chance. But if i am on 5th and get a smooth flowing cruising, teh real time mileage indicator showing close to 30kpl. So i expect a mileage of more 15 to 20 kpl in pure high way driving. Also i expect a hipe in mileage after teh first service.
  7. Thanks a lot. You can expect continuous review!!!
  8. Here comes teh car: Side view Uploaded with
  9. Here comes the car: Front view URL=][/url] Uploaded with
  10. Delivery picture 4: Chocolates!!! Uploaded with
  11. Delivery picture 3: Flowers!!! Uploaded with
  12. Delivery picture 2: Handing over all documents. Uploaded with
  13. Delivery picture 1: My son receiving key. Direct Link for big picture.
  14. Will anybody let me know how to post a picture.