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  1. I am in club of unhappy customer who bought Honda City and Honda's service is as pathetic as Skoda. Advisor give a damn to customer irrespective you have brio or CRV. Trust me, Honda will pay the cost of poor customer care and after service sooner or later.
  2. No reply.... Any way I have canceled the booking as my SWOT analysis suggests it is not even worth of penny as TATA NANO having serious breaking issues.
  3. I have booked Tata Nano for local commute at the maximum 5-10 km a day. I have been offered Year 2015 Model twenty thousand less than Year 2016 Model. Please advise ...
  4. I have been advised from one of the sane person "Think twice if not twenty times before you leap" before spending hard earn money. First objectively define the need, ask your self "what is if I not buy the car? " or what are the other option? Am I buying a car for heck of it ? Do I really need it ? If all the answer clicks Yes you need the car. you can buy the one which full fill your need.
  5. Oh Gosh !! I have been told exactly opposite what you have mentioned above. My office mate must be in denial mode or justifying his decision... Great, you have saved me from bigger embarrassment as I was planning to have test ride of his car.
  6. My vote for Figo, One of my office mate bought new one, He is very impressed with car dynamic, ride quality and look. Guess, the figo is value for money. @ neeraj .. Wonder, did you ever get chance to look Fiat Abarth Punto ? I would like to know about the Fiat Abarth Punto? Thanks
  7. VW is not a great choice though car is second to none in terms of ride quality, you never know some scam pop up again, lot of uncertainty within the company, A nail in the coffin is there very bad after sales service.
  8. @ Neeraj !! My suggestion will be simple, " Automatic car with all safety features in budget " ; Budget could be add on incase safety demands. Alto is very basic car having no safety features (driver side airbag is a fooling exercise from Maruti), Celero comes with ABS and AIR BAG and little decent car, Wagon R is very outdated car (no point). Look for Kiwid if it has safety features (?) or may be launching some time soon. Hyundai having CVT ( i10 G) with all the features and good discount, you may explore it. Brio the car I like, as you say single digit fuel economy will not qualify for short list in modern era. Let's do the short list and do objectively SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) of each car with evidence based.
  9. Gen X Nano must be base model (E) ?, that is 1.99 lac Delhi ex show room price..
  10. very basic coffin.... no power steering, No ABS, No Air bag... Just for local commute in the street
  11. I guess, Buying at the end of year a new car not a good idea even in discounted price, in couple of years you may not allow to drive your petrol car more than 8-10 years as Diesel car. Next shopping spree is February and March when you may have better picture of policies from government, NGT and Car manufacturing companies.
  12. Nissan have offered huge discount approximate 1.75 lac in its Sunny CVT model in one of today's news paper. I guess clearance of inventory or last nail of the coffin or both.
  13. VW have nailed in their coffin themselves. Top of it Govt did nothing so far.. I was expecting something like NESTLE -MAGGI saga 2. I
  14. Simple way is explore legal course of action against the company either in consumer court or other courts. In India accountability and responsibility does not exist.