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  1. tata is offering to install the security fittings to all its nano customers, so i don't think a recall is necessary at all. rather the nano users should get the fittings done.
  2. i have been using manza from around 5 months and I am more than satisfied with my car. It has got huge space, good-looking interiors and most important awesome fuel efficiency. The driving experience is also very comfortable. I suggest you to take it and stop worrying.
  3. hi creativebala, owing to your uncle's XL size and my personal experience I surely can suggest you the Manza elan. without a thought you should go for it because of its huge cabin and boot space, its great interiors and awesome driving experience.
  4. For the 7 lac price basket, i am very sure that manza is the best choice to go for. its world class interiors and huge boot-space have stunned me. and the fuel efficiency which is of utmost importance is also superb.
  5. I own a Manza for last 1 year & I am quite satisfied with its performance till now, it is definitely a vfm car, i would suggest you go for manza...
  6. I think Tata Manza's fuel effeciency, design, features are above par & gives a great on road performance The Manza quadra (I have one) gives you the feeling that you're in a car which isn't to be trifled with.
  7. @vshreyas @rssh I have clocked ~24K & owning Manza since last 15 months. I get 13 KMPL in city and around 23 KMPL on highway
  8. Stuff like this happens : They are machines after all. Whats astounding is that Tatas seem to be the only ones owning responsibility and giving safety features.